New Year 2023: 6 Lip-Smacking Veg Starters For Your Party
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Undoubtedly the best part of the New Year is the New Year's party. It is a lovely gathering with friends and family where everyone gives their farewell to the ongoing year and welcomes the next year hoping it to be a prosperous, successful, and joyous year. But to make your party a complete success, you need to get your snacks right. Food is the soul of any party and these snacks will help you make your party a memorable one that your friends and family will always talk about.

The best part of these snacks is that they are completely vegetarian so these will cater to everyone and not just your non-vegetarian friends and family members. They are addictive, packed with flavour, and easy to prepare. Adding them to your New Year's party menu is a great way to make sure that your party is a hit.

Chilli Paneer

A staple dish in Indo-Chinese cooking is chilli paneer. Tossed in a hot, sour, vinegary, and sweet sauce consisting of green bell peppers, ginger, garlic, and soy sauce, and additional ingredients, are flour- or batter-coated fried paneer cubes. Dry, semi-dry, and gravy variants are the three main preparation methods.

All the types of chilli paneer taste fantastic but considering you are going to prepare this dish for your party, it is better to stick to the dry version. The dry version will provide convenience to your guests without making much of a mess with the gravy and sauces.

Onion Rings

Here's one essential party item that we simply must have. Simple, quick, and always popular! Use any easy recipe to make them in the comfort of your own kitchen. Delicious golden brown onion rings with a crunchy flour covering, accompanied by a delicious chutney or ketchup. At your New Year's celebration, this crispy nibble is sure to win over hearts.

You can serve and enjoy it in multiple ways such as any sauce, ketchup, yoghurt, sour cream, or a cheese-based sauce.

Honey Chilli Potatoes

The delicious Crispy Honey Chilli Potatoes are made of fried chilli potato fingers tossed in a sweet and spicy sesame honey chilli sauce that will leave your fingers sticky and ready to lick.

The secret is to twice-batter fry the potato fingers for incredibly crispy honey-chili fries. If you only deep fry them once, the potatoes become mushy and become soggy in a matter of minutes.

Rajma Kebab

Delicious and aromatic Spices, herbs, and kidney beans are used to make Rajma Kebab. In India, kidney beans are also referred to as rajma. These tasty kebabs are a great snack and are also free of gluten and dairy. Unlike vegetarian galouti kebabs, which melt in your tongue, these rajma kebabs have a hard structure.

Hara Bhara Kebab

Another kebab on the list. A popular snack in North India, Hara Bhara Kabab consists of fried patties cooked with potatoes, spinach, and peas. This word refers to a green-filled kabab.

Spinach and green peas are the green vegetables in this dish. Because they combine the greatest qualities of green peas and spinach, these are nutrient-dense.

Cheese Bruschetta

Everyone is going to enjoy these simple Italian party bread snacks. These are essentially crispy and cheesy bruschetta bites. Fresh, juicy tomatoes, mozzarella cheeses, and more are all found in this cheese bruschetta. You can prepare them in a few minutes with a few basic items which makes this a perfect party food.