New Year 2024: 6 Unique Custard Dishes To Serve At Your Party
Image Credit: Image Credit: Pixabay

During the holiday season, there are enormous demands for different kinds of sweets and desserts. One of the favourite desserts one can find is custard. Custard is very simple to make, and it is ready within 20 to 30 minutes of cooking, giving a creamy delight to the guest. Custard is a versatile dish that can be highly customised to everyone's preferences. You can add different kinds of fruits, like cherries and also jellies of different flavour. 

The custard taste is delightful, and it can be used in different kinds of flavouring. Strong vanilla or lavender essences are used to make the custard more light. It is generally served frozen, but you can also eat it warm with any toppings you like. A new year is incomplete without having a custard dessert after dinner or lunch. Custard can also be eaten as a snack. 

Another way to elevate a custard dish is to add different kinds of kulfi and ice cream to make it thick and creamy. One can also add cranberry and chocolate drizzles according to taste preferences to make the dish more beautiful and flavourful. Discover six unique custard dishes to serve this new year and impress your guests. Keep reading!

Kulfi Custard Mix: Custard kulfi can be prepared in two ways. You can mix the kulfi mix and custard mix initially before boiling it, or you can add kulfi to your custard to enhance the creaminess with the flavours you like. The most popular flavours between these two are vanilla custard and pista kulfi, mixed with lots of fruits and berries, served with hot honey. Add frozen rose petals and a little vanilla extract to elevate the taste. 

Gulab Jamun Custard: Gulab jamun custard is a simple dish where gulab jamun bits are garnished into the custard, making it an ultimate dessert dish with lots of saffron and dry fruits to embellish. Instead of condensed milk, you can add gulab jamun chashni to elevate the sweetness of the custard and give it a stronger taste of the sweet dish. It can be eaten with crackers as a side, too. 

Sitafal Jelly Custard: A delicious fruit to find in the winter is saitafal. It must be well mixed once the seeds are removed from the sitafal and the flesh is added to the jelly powder. Once cooled, slice it into pieces to incorporate into the custard, and voila! A delicious treat that melts in your tongue is made. Sitafal can act as a cooling agent in the warm custard when added to it. Sitabal jelly custard is another option for those who enjoy a variety of jellies as a snack.


Caramel Drizzle Custard: Toffees are kids' favourite and widely available during the New Year. Warm custard with a cold caramel drizzle on top can be a game changer in the desert game. One can also solidify the caramel into caramel crisp, or they can simply add warm caramel toffee. It melts into your mouth with the first bite. The sweetness of custard and the buttery delight of caramel are perfect for you to try.

Chocolate Ice-Cream Custard: If you don't like warm custard, make sure you add ice cream. Adding ice cream to custard seems weird, but it tastes fabulous. It is also the quickest hack to make your custard cool and tasty according to the flavours of ice cream you put into it. The chocolate ice cream custard hack is famously known for its delicious taste. You can also add chocolate drizzles and fruits to the custard to elevate the taste.

Almond Vanilla Custard: Almond vanilla custard uses a loss of almond crisp and vanilla essence to make the custard more sugary and flaky in taste. Custard is traditionally topped up with almonds, but adding almond flakes adds a new dimension to the custard dish, which tastes nutty and warm. You can add different kinds of toppings, such as fruits like grapes, pineapple, and berries, to balance the nuttiness and creamy texture of custard. One can also use lots of condensed milk to make the fruits and the nuttiness of custard sweetly balanced.