Frozen Custard Vs. Ice Cream: 4 Differences You Must Know
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Creamy, sweet, and icy. Are we talking about a cup of frozen custard or a scoop of ice cream? Although the two sweet delicacies are sometimes confused with one another, they each have unique qualities. Frozen custard is heftier and creamier than ice cream, which is light, airy, and creamy.

When the weather turns hot and we start to perspire in the summer, both of these delicious treats are perfect pick-me-ups. But what distinguishes these two well-liked frozen sweets from one another? Find out by reading on.


Heavy cream, milk, sugar, and egg yolks are all ingredients in frozen custard. Custard becomes richer, thicker, and denser thanks to the egg yolks. Therefore, it does not melt as quickly as ice cream. Ice cream is made with a mixture of milk and cream. Several ice cream recipes also call for eggs, but not as much as custard.


Frozen custard has a silky, rich, and creamy texture. Because heavy cream is incorporated into the recipe, it is renowned for having a rich and decadent mouthfeel. Due to the substantial amount of butterfat in frozen custard, it has a smooth and solid texture.

Scooped frozen custard has a creamy, smooth texture without any icy or gritty parts. Because eggs are used, it is also renowned for maintaining its shape, which increases its richness.

Ice cream has a creamy, smooth texture that can be light or heavy, depending on the amount of fat it contains. The combination of milk and cream in the recipe gives ice cream its smoothness and velvety texture. When an opened container of ice cream has been kept in the freezer for a while, the texture may become slightly gritty or frosty. Particularly with low-fat and sugar-free variants, this is the case. But overall, ice cream has a smooth, creamy texture.

Flavour Profile:

Due to its high butterfat level, frozen custard is highly decadent. Imagine ice cream that is richer and more decadent. Since it contains a lot of heavy cream and egg yolks, this should not come as a surprise. Ice cream is light, whereas frozen custard is heavy. The amount of sweetness and creaminess is just ideal.

Additionally, ice cream is available in a vast array of flavours. You have traditional flavours like chocolate and vanilla. Then there are tasty combinations like strawberry, rocky road, and mint chocolate chip. And there are a million more choices!

Nutritional Value:

Frozen custard and ice cream have different nutritional profiles. Compared to ice cream, frozen custard contains more calories and fat. This is a result of the heavy cream and egg yolks used in its preparation.

In general, frozen custard is denser than ice cream, which increases its calorie content. In general, ice cream has fewer calories and fat than frozen custard. This is due to the fact that it contains more milk and less cream when it is produced.

Which One Is Better?

Although neither of these things is particularly healthy, we think that everything is okay in moderation. Custard and ice cream have similar nutritional values because they both contain a number of similar ingredients. The only way to be certain is to read the labels because different brands will have different nutritional information, and mix-ins obviously matter.