Neena Gupta's 2-Ingredient Paneer Recipe Is Just What You Need

It's a proven fact that nothing can beat homemade recipes when it comes to comforting and satiating food. Be it a simple dal khichdi or a flavourful butter chicken, ‘ghar ka khana’ always stands on the top. Even celebrities agree with this point. Many actors reveal their love for home-cooked food in interviews and share photos and videos on social media. 

Recently, Neena Gupta has been cooking desi dishes during her shoot abroad. Currently, the 64-year-old actress is on a trip to Sydney for her upcoming project. A few days earlier, Neena shared her special boiled anda bhurji recipe with her fans. In her latest post on Instagram, she can be seen making homemade paneer with just two ingredients. Watch the full video here. 

In the reel, the veteran star can be heard explaining the process of making paneer at home, in detail. The recipe starts by heating the milk. Once it is properly boiled, she adds some lemon juice and stirs the milk with a spoon. Then within a few seconds, the milk starts to curdle. In the next step, it is poured into a strainer covered with a white cloth. The strainer is kept over a vessel and the solids from the curdled mixture are collected in the cloth.  

After discarding the liquid, Neena explains the right trick to get a perfectly soft and spongy paneer. She advises running the cloth filled with milk solids through cold water for a minute. Once done, the cloth is tied into a knot to the milk solids. Then, it is placed on a plate under a heavy marble object. Neena advises to observe the paneer until it is set and explains that the setting time may vary. If the steps are correctly followed, the result of this recipe will be fresh and soft paneer that can be used for a variety of dishes. 

Neena uploaded the video with the caption “Homemade paneer in Sydney! 1 liter milk, ½ lemon juice. She also mentions, “Keep the mixture pressed against something heavy for 30-40 minutes & your yummy paneer is ready!” The reel has got more than 171k views and 3k likes, since posted. What’s your go-to recipe for homemade paneer?