Planning A House Party? Host A Talent Show With These 6 Tips
Image Credit: Unsplash

House parties are probably the best part of the adult life. You have the whole place to yourself; you can call up your friends, plan something interesting, and have a gala time. But if you and your friends are regular at throwing house parties, you might run out of ideas sooner than you had planned.

To keep things going, why don’t you go beyond movie marathons and karaoke nights? You can take a step forward and host a talent show where some of your friends can plan an act, and a few can be the judges and enact your favourite reality show. But before you go ahead, here are some handy tips to get your talent show up and running smoothly.

Get A Good Spot

To have a talent show, you’re going to need a good spot where everybody can fit in and have some space to perform. If you have a large living room, you can scooch the furniture in a corner and make some space. Else, you can decorate your garden or terrace and have some chairs set in the open.

Make A Plan

Hosting a house party is no piece of cake, and if you want to execute a seamless talent show, you need a detailed plan. Everyone has a group of friends with different hidden talents like singing, dancing, cooking, rapping, and much more. Pick out which friends of yours will perform what, and make a list of all the things you’ll need, like a mic, a playlist, food, drinks, lights, etc.

Pick The Judges

The next step is to pick two or three judges who can watch the performance and finally give away some prizes to the best talent. You’d also have to arrange some material for the judges, like a sitting area, some paper and pen, some refreshing beverages, finger food, and the list can go on as per your creativity.

Sort Out The Food

Since the talent show is going to take its fair share of time, you should have some food prepared in advance. To make the house party less chaotic, you should stick to spill-free and easy-to-eat food like pizza, nuggets, fries, sandwiches, chicken wings, etc. You can also have some packs of chips and popcorn on a table for people to munch on anytime.

Set Up A Drinks Counter

No house party is complete without drinks, spiked or not. So, based on your friends’ preferences, you must set up a drinks counter which can have basic flavoured carbonated drinks, booze, soda, lemon water, ice cubes, etc. You can also have a pitcher of neutral mocktails, like a virgin mojito, prepared beforehand to save time.

Plan Exciting Prizes

Lastly, to end the talent show on a perfect note, you need to have some prizes that can be given to your friends who participated. You can make some bags of assorted treats that can be enjoyed by all, like a bar of gourmet chocolate, candies, jellies, etc. You can also give some vouchers or scented candles of your choice.