5 Ways To Upgrade Regular Desserts With Interesting Toppings
Image Credit: Unsplash

Who doesn’t like to grab a cookie on their way to the kitchen while grabbing a glass of water? But don’t you think your regular desserts have run their course, and you need an upgrade? If yes, toppings are the answer to all your wishes, well, at least your dessert-related wishes. And to make this wish come true, you don’t even need to do much.

With just some toppings like chocolate chips, sprinkles, chopped fruits, etc., you can elevate your boring desserts. The toppings will not only give your desserts a little makeover but also upgrade their taste profile and make them much more indulgent. So, what are you waiting for? Explore some easy ways to add toppings and have fun with desserts.

Chocochip Cookies

Everyone has a box of cookies in their pantry. But for how long will you just bake or eat the plain old cookies? Next time, when you are baking cookies, you can make the same chocolate cookie dough as you used to. But before baking, fold in some chocolate chips into the batter till they are evenly spread, and you’ll get a new crunch and more chocolatey flavours.

Ice Cream Sundae

As the summer season is approaching, the number of bowls of ice cream everyone is going to have will soon increase. To have a more indulgent experience, you can make an ice cream sundae. Just take some scoops of your favourite flavour of ice cream in a tall glass and add some toppings like chocolate sauce, brownie bits, chocolate shavings, jellies, and chopped nuts, and enjoy ice cream on a whole new level.

Brownie Shake

Thick shakes can save anyone from the sweaty weather, thus helping them get refreshed. But, instead of drinking the boring one-flavoured shakes, why don’t you make a boring shake by crumbling some brownies and blending them with milk, a scoop of ice cream, and a little sugar? After pouring the shake into a glass, decorate it with cool toppings like coloured sprinkles, chocolate chips, whipped cream, and much more.

Yoghurt Parfait

Yoghurt parfaits have become one of the go-to dessert options for most of the busy people. Not only is it easy to whip up, but it is also a healthy option to have something sweet. For a healthy version, you can add some chopped fresh fruits and nuts to make it more indulgent. On the other hand, if you’re in the mood for something indulgent, you can add whipped cream and chocolate toppings.

Classic Cheesecake

Cheesecake is like a blank canvas that’s just waiting for the artist hidden inside you. After you have baked a mouth-melting classic cheesecake, don’t just eat yet. Add in some melted chocolate and top it off with options like cookies, brownie pieces, blueberries, cherry, or probably just some swirls of whipped cream and see the difference.