Navratri Fasting And Traveling? Take These Foods With You

Beginning today, September 26, is Navratri, one of the most lucky days of the year. The nine-day celebration is marked by a variety of rituals and traditions observed by Goddess Durga's followers. One of the nine avatars of Goddess Durga is worshipped every day.  People fast at this time, though many only do so on the first and end days, while some fast for the complete nine days. Here are some dishes to consume if you're travelling during Navratri in 2022. 


Pakore are great for travel because they can be preserved for a long time and are easy to consume whenever and wherever you wish. The same way that sabudana pakore can be enjoyed, so too can aloo and paneer chips. Remind yourself to pack some tomato or curd chutney. 


Sabudana is one of the most widely consumed Navratri appetisers. Sabudana can be used to produce a variety of dishes, such as khichdi and sabudana pakore. It is portable, can be kept warm for a few hours, and will unquestionably give you greater energy and a feeling of satiety while you're travelling. 

Sukhey Aloo 

There are many ways to eat potatoes during vrat, but vrat ke sukhey aloo, which is fried, is the best and most straightforward. These can now be consumed while travelling in two different ways. The first method is to prepare the fried potatoes, or kalahre aloo, at home and pack them. Bring boiled potatoes, tomatoes, sendha namak, mirchi, and dahi instead as a substitute. When you are hungry, prepare it and eat it. 

Kuttu ke paranthe 

Kuttu or singhadhe ka atta may only be consumed during the Navratri fasts. Kuttu ke paranthe with curd is one of the best Navratri dishes to eat when travelling and fasting. You can make it at home and bring it with you. These paranthes can be preserved for up to 8 hours longer while remaining appetizing. Tomatoes and cucumber can be added to the curd to make your meal even more satisfying. 

Roasted Makhana 

The term "makhana" refers to both the fox nut and the seed of a non-lotus water plant known as the prickly water lily or gorgon. It is the only food among all those meant for fasting that is heavy in both protein and carbohydrates. Fox nuts are a food that is available during Navratri. They can also be turned into a savoury side dish or added to kheer. Having them toasted with rock salt makes them portable when travelling.