Navratri 2022: 5 Kheers To Please The Goddess Durga
Image Credit: Kheer, Image Source: yellowthyme

Fasting and feasting are both parts of Navratri. On the other hand, it also implies that some foods must be avoided during fasting. The list primarily consists of barring cereals. On the third day of Navratri, or Tritiya Tithi of Ashwin Shukla Paksha, Mata Chandraghanta is worshipped. On goddess’s head, adorns a crescent moon and hence the name. She is said to extinguish all wickedness and evil. Offering kheer pleases the fierce Goddess. Rice and milk are the primary ingredients of kheer. However, during Navratri, many substitutes lotus seeds, tapioca pearls, rajgira, samak ke chawal (barnyard millet), etc., for the rice. Make a rich, creamy kheer with these five vrat-friendly ingredients. 

Khajoor kheer 

Make a nutritious, nourishing, and filling kheer using Samak ke chawal. Switch to dates puree instead of sugar. Rice must be washed and soaked. Cook it in milk until done. Add finely sliced dates or khajoor. You can use dates puree too. Blend all the ingredients thoroughly. Simmer for approximately five minutes. Stir in the powdered cardamom. Serve warm and garnish with extra date slices. 

Makhana Kheer

Makhana ke kheer, Image Source: healthshots

Another common ingredient in vrat meals is makhanas or foxnuts. They are a calcium-rich substance that you can experiment with during Navratri. A creamy, rabdi-like kheer prepared with makhanas is drool-worthy. To make it richer, generously add nuts. This should be chilled before eating to get the real taste. 

Lauki Kheer

Lauki ki kheer, Image Source:

The humble lauki, or bottle gourd, is a nutritious ingredient for kheer. Its neutral flavour makes it ideal for many vrat dishes. Grate a tender lauki finely, and then ghee roast it for a few minutes. Slowly pour milk of your choice. Add cardamom powder for aroma.  Add some jaggery powder for sweetness when the milk starts to get creamy. It has relatively few carbohydrates. Depending on your preference, you may serve hot or cold.

Sev Kheer

Apple kheer, Image Source:

This kheer is the ideal alternative if you're trying to minimize overall sugar intake. For a bowl of kheer, the apple's natural sugars may be more than enough. Just some milk and a few grated apples will do. You can use jaggery powder to give it a little more sweetness. To improve the aroma, add powdered green cardamom. Garnish with coarsely chopped dried fruits.

Saboodana Kheer

Tapioca pearls pudding, Image Source:

Sabudana, or tapioca pearls, are a staple food during the Navratri fast. Using condensed milk, saffron, cardamom, and a copious amount of cashew nuts and almonds create a mouth-watering kheer. Tapioca pearls swell and become pliable as they absorb the creamy milk, and it is hard to resist this kheer.