National Mango Day: 5 Ways To Enjoy Mango Till The Next Season
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Mango is one fruit that defines summer season. Don’t most of us wait for the season just to nosh upon the ‘king of fruits’? And in case you need any more reason to celebrate the decadent summer treat, there is a special day set aside to honour the fruit. National Mango Day is celebrated on July 22 every year to recognise the decadence of this yummy, bright fruit that has given us countless delicious recipes too. Given how delicious mangoes are, we are not surprised that foodies have found another excuse to indulge in the yummy goodness of the fruit.  

The only downside of the summer season coming to an end is that we have to part ways with our favourite fruit, don’t you think? After spelling a magic the whole season with its mushy texture and sweet flavour, mangoes are set to leave, only to come back next year. But if you are a die-hard fan of mangoes like us, and wish to enjoy the goodness of this fruit all year round, we’ve got you covered with some excellent ways to enjoy it all year round. Yes, you can thank us later! You can preserve mangoes by making some yummy dishes with the fruit. Well, it certainly helps that mango is a versatile ingredient and can be paired with a host of recipes. And what better day to whip up some interesting mango dishes! 

Here are some amazing recipes to pack and preserve mangoes for the whole year. So, you don’t have to miss it till the next time. 

5 Mango Recipes For Storing And Preserving Mangoes 

1. Mango Jam 

A popular dish across India, mango jam is known by different names in different regions of the country. For instance, Kairi Aani Kothimbiricha Tikhat Jam is a spicy, sweet, tangy and sour mix of raw mango, jaggery, hing, chilli and cumin powder, and works like magic along all your meals. Besides, you can always make a sweet jam with ripened mangoes as well. 

2. Aam Papad 

Oh don’t we all remember this sweet and tangy snack made of mango pulp? Aam papad has been a part of many foodies since ages. All you have to do is blend mango pulp with sugar and some salt, then spread it on a sheet to form a thin layer and let it dry. One can make a sweet aam papad, as well as a khatta-meetha version too. It's a perfect small meal to carry around and eat on the go. 

3. Aam Chutney 

The sweet raw mango chutney has made mango lovers drool every time. You simply need to blend boiled raw mangoes with some sugar, salt and a handful of spices. It can liven up any meal, so you can pair it with parathas or breads and you'll have a complete meal in itself to relish.  

4. Mango Pickle 

Isn’t aam ka achaar an absolute favourite to go with every meal? It is an iconic accompaniment, an undisputed king of pickles on an Indian table. And so easy to make too. So spruce up your regular dals, parathas and other meals with some mango pickle all year round.  

5. Mango Dip

Not to be confused with the chutney, this mango dip is thicker and can be a great addition to your list of salsa dip, mayonnaise and others. You simply blend mango pieces with vinegar and store in an airtight jar. Vinegar acts as a natural preservative. You can also make different variations of this dip by adding flavours of your choice. 

As you make your batch of preserves, also dive into the goodness of some Aamras and Mango shake till it last.