National Fried Rice Day: 5 Tips To Make A Healthy Bowl
Image Credit: Healthy Fried Rice

The easiest way to make a filling meal is to turn it into a one-pot dish. Fried rice is a popular item from the Indian-Chinese cuisine, which is served with gravies and often eaten by itself too. Why so? Well, because it is fried and has all kinds of vegetables, meats and sauces in it which makes it a complete meal. However, the health freaks are usually concerned about the calorie intake when consuming fried rice.

Who said that you can’t make fried rice the healthy way? Well, there are several modifications that can be made in the ingredients and cooking methods that can give you a plate of healthy fried rice. Did you know that fried rice has its roots in the Sui dynasty of China? It is said that the dish was invented out of the need to prevent wastage of leftover rice. The rice from an earlier meal would be tossed with whatever vegetables are available and served as a new dish.

Today, stir-frying rice is quite common in many cuisines around the world. Nonetheless, making it healthy is also very imperative. Here are some tips and tricks to ace the fried rice game.  

1.     Pick The Right Kind Of Rice

The most imperative decision lies in the kind of rice you’ll be using for fried rice. Whether it is brown rice or white rice is a call that one has to take, keeping the health benefits in mind. The former has more fibre content and lesser calories along with the firm texture of the rice, which helps in frying it better and keeping it together. Cauliflower rice is another healthy option that you can try.  

2.     Opt For Soy Sauce  

Soy sauce is the star of the fried rice. It lends a pungent flavour and tantalising aroma to the entire dish. However, it is not short of calories too. For making healthy fried rice, opt for a soy sauce with low sodium content and or even try the gluten-free options which are available these days.  

3.     Load It With Vegetables

The healthy part of any fried rice is the veggie portion. Load up on as many vegetables as you can. Finely chop the carrots, cabbage, onions, tomatoes, broccoli and all that you can think of. These vegetables not only bring the fibre and other nutrient content in the rice dish but also keep you full for longer. The more the vegetables, the better.

4.     Make The Base Perfect

Since it is fried rice, it is natural that oil and butter will go into the making of the dish. If you’re tossing it in rice, use grass-fed butter instead of regular one. This yields maximum health benefits. So is the case with sesame oil. It is fit for frying the leftover rice.  

5.     Opt For Lean Meat

Healthy eaters always opt for leaner meats like chicken instead of red meat. So, using shredded chicken that is organic can really amp up the health factor of the fried rice. Boil and shred it instead of coating in cornflour and frying. This will provide you with the nutrition without compromising on taste.