Nathdwara To Kashai: 5 Traditional Teas From Across India
Image Credit: Shital Ashar/facebook

What can be better than a hot cup of chai on winter mornings? Drinking tea is a ritual in the country and it is also the first thing which is presented to the guests. From simple tea made with sugar, milk and tea leaves to masala chai infused with a variety of spices, there are various versions of this traditional beverage. Chai is often paired with biscuits, fritters and other snacks that makes it a complete evening meal. This beverage also helps in relieving the symptoms of cold and cough during winters. 

Every region has their own unique style of preparing tea depending upon the weather conditions and available ingredients, like noon chai of Kashmir. Made with baking soda and Kashmiri tea leaves, this salty tea is often served with a dash of fresh cream. Another popular variety you definitely know is Mumbai’s cutting chai which is flavoured with cardamom powder and crushed ginger. But there is a lot more to the list of Indian teas. 

Here are five traditional teas from across India that will help you in fighting against the cold weather: 

1. Nathdwara Chai 

This Rajasthani tea is brewed with the freshness of mint leaves along with lots of ginger. Served with snacks like poha, dhokla and vada, Nathdwara tea is super addictive that will make you ask for one more cup. It has got its name from a town named Nathdwara in the state of Rajasthan where the tea is very popular. 

2. Meter Chai 

This frothy chai is a heritage of Kerala and you will find it on every local tea shop of the state. More than the ingredients, this chai is popular for the skill with which it is made. The tea is poured from one container to another from as far as the hands of the vendor can extend. This is done in order to create a frothy texture. They stop pouring it when the containers are one meter apart, this is how the tea has got its name. 

3. Kashai Chai 

Kashai or kashaya tea is a Mangalorean herbal drink that is made with dry-roasted and coarsely-powdered spices. It is more of a kadha than being a tea, as it includes a lot of spices. Kasai chai is known to build immunity and also soothes the throat. Another amazing thing about this tea is that the kasai powder can be stored for months and you can use it anytime you feel sick. 

4. Ukado Chai 

This immunity-boosting chai of Gujarat is a perfect solution to runny nose and sore throat. Ukado is a unique tea that is made without tea leaves. Loaded with different herbs and spices, it is an ideal replacement for your regular tea. Just boil the milk with sugar, lemongrass, mint and other spices and leave it to simmer for five to eight minutes and your nutrient-rich tea is ready. 

5. Gur-Gur Chai 

This buttered brew from Ladakh is also known as zojila or butter tea. Made with yak milk, butter, salt and Tibetan tea leaves, it is an essential part of the locals in that region. Gur-gur tea is usually served with fresh bread or tsampa. Different versions of this tea can also be found beyond the borders as well. 

Take a sip of these traditional teas this season and stay warm and healthy.