NASA Shares Video Of ‘Pepperoni’ Storm On Jupiter; Netizens React
Image Credit: February 9 every year is celebrated as World Pizza Day Image: Freepik

Pizza is undoubtedly one of the most popular delicacies in the world. Irrespective of the occasion, pizza is always one of the first choices on any given day. That gooey cheesy top with a host of spices and herbs over a crispy crust. A perfectly-baked pizza is something nobody can ever resist. The Italian staple, with its different play of flavours, has taken over the world, so much so that pizza also enjoys a special day dedicated to it. February 9 every year is celebrated as World Pizza Day, and it seems like this year even Jupiter celebrated it. Yes, you read that right.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently took to Instagram to share a video on the occasion of National Pizza Day showcasing what looked like a ‘pepperoni storm’ over Jupiter. There is something that resembles this popular pizza topping outside the giant planet. “How about Interplanetary Pizza Day? Our Juno mission saw ‘pepperoni' storms topping Jupiter.” NASA wrote in the caption of the post. Take a look:

 Now, isn’t that an amazing view? While it definitely resembles a freshly-baked pepperoni pizza, NASA elaborated on the details and revealed that it is actually an infrared view of Jupiter’s North Pole. The US space agency often shares stunning pictures and videos from space. But this time around, NASA has aroused the interest of many including pizza lovers and foodies in general with the clip of the ‘pepperoni’ around Jupiter.  With over 1.9 million and more than 460k likes, the video has garnered a lot of attention. And the numbers are increasing day by day. 

“Extra-large pepperoni pizza. Hot and spicy,” wrote one user in the comments section, while another said, “I just had a huge meal and now, I want pizza.” A third user wrote that they actually “thought it was pizza”. One user also said, “Wanna start a pizza centre in mars (sic).” 

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