Nargisi Kofta to Egg Chettinad: 6 Tasty Egg Recipes For Dinner
Image Credit: Nargisi Kofta

Be it a quick breakfast or an irresistibly delicious dessert, eggs could be a saviour. Eggs are something that are found stocked up in every other refrigerator. They are loaded with protein and thanks to their versatility, can be transformed into so many dishes. You may be a fan of scrambled eggs or omelete or egg salad, but did you ever get a chance to try some desi Indian egg dishes? If not, you have come to the right place. 

When we say desi, you must have understood that these dishes are loaded with flavourful and aromatic spices and cooked with utmost love. If you just can’t get over your desi food, these recipes are a steal. From Egg Chettinad to Nargisi Kofta, we have brought some delicious egg dishes that you can make for dinner tonight. Believe me, you are not going to regret it. 

Here are 6 scrumptious egg dishes you can have for dinner. Have a look! 

Nargisi Kofta 

Believed to have originated during Mughal rule, Nargisi kofta is a decadent dish made with eggs coated with mutton keema and cooked in a flavourful gravy. It could be served with roti, parantha, naan, pulao or even biryani. Wanna know how to make this royal egg curry at home? Here you go. 

Egg Bhurji 

Scrambled eggs when made in an Idesi way, become egg bhurji. Made with the perfect blend of eggs, an array of Indian spices and butter, this egg bhurji goes well with buttery pav, bread, chapati and parantha. It is very easy to make and is perfect for lazy cooking days. Here is the easiest recipe of egg bhurji that you can try. 

Egg Biryani 

Who doesn’t love biryani? Biryani is not just a dish but an emotion for many people out there. But if you are looking for some change in your regular biryani, egg biryani is what you need. This scrumptious biryani is aromatic and too delicious to handle. Find the recipe below. 

Egg Chettinad 

Known for its spice content, Chettinad cuisine is from the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu. It is a delicious egg curry made with boiled eggs that are fried and cooked into an onion-tomato gravy with the flavouring of red chili, coconut and curry leaves. Here is the recipe for you. 

Mutta Roast 

Mutta roast or egg roast is a popular egg dish from Kerala. Boiled eggs cooked with sauteing of onions and flavourful spices makes this humble and delicious egg roast. It makes for a perfect wholesome meal when served with appam, iddiyapam, chappathi etc. 

 Anda Masala 

Simple egg curry cooked in a gravy of flavourful spices could be perfect for your dinner. This is one such egg curry which could be made in no time and goes well with jeera rice, chapati and even bhakari. What could be better than having a spicy Anda masala for dinner? Here is the recipe. 

Try these recipes and let us know which one you loved the most! See yaa!