Nadir Monji To Avial: 12 Indian Vegetarian Family Dinner Ideas

Indian cuisine boasts a plethora of vegetarian dinner options that showcase the country's rich culinary heritage and the varied tastes and textures of plant-based components. The Indian vegetarian dinner menu offers an extensive and alluring array of dishes, ranging from flavorful curries and aromatic rice preparations to crispy pakoras and nourishing lentil soups. Indulge in the delectable world of Indian vegetarian cuisine with a comforting bowl of dal paired with naan bread, a tangy vegetable biryani, or a creamy paneer tikka masala. These dishes offer a tantalising journey of taste and a delightful feast for the senses. 

Here are some vegetarian dinner ideas from India that are sure to please, whether you're a vegetarian or just curious to try something new. 

Palak Paneer 

Spinach and paneer (Indian cottage cheese) are simmered in a rich tomato and onion sauce in this traditional North Indian meal. Make a complete dinner by pairing it with rice or roti (Indian bread). 

Soya Khichdi 

This fragrant khichdi is a nice change from the usual fare. This khichdi has been given depth, solidity, and flavour thanks to the use of soya, which also increases its nutritious worth. Enjoy the flavour with some raita and a salad. 

Aloo Gobi 

Aloo and gobi are two of the most popular Indian side dishes, and this dish combines them in a traditional curry with spices like turmeric, cumin, and coriander. This recipe, served with roti or rice, is warm and satisfying. 


Vegetables of various kinds are simmered in a sauce made from coconut milk and yoghurt to create the classic South Indian dish known as avial. It's a vegetarian curry with lots of flavour and colour thanks to the use of aromatic spices and curry leaves. 

Malai Kofta 

Dumplings made from a combination of cottage cheese (paneer) and vegetables, cooked in a delicious sauce. It goes well with naan or pulao and is often served at celebrations. 

Bharli Vangi 

Baby eggplants are packed with a masala of coconut, peanuts, and spices to create Bharli Vangi, a traditional dish from Maharashtra. A tasty and fragrant curry is the result of slow cooking in a sour and spicy gravy. 

Baingan Bharta 

Spicy roasted aubergine with onions, tomatoes and a variety of spices simmered in a tomato-based sauce. Enjoy with roti, paratha, or rice for a smokey and savoury meal. 

Vegetable Korma 

A curry that is thick and fragrant, created by simmering a variety of vegetables in a sauce that is heavy on the spices. It is delicious when served with rice, naan, or pulao. 

Paneer Tikka 

Indulge in the delectable cubes of paneer that have been marinated in a blend of yoghurt and aromatic spices. The grilled or baked preparation method ensures that the dish is cooked to perfection, making it an ideal choice for both appetisers and main courses. 

Dal Makhani 

Dal Makhani is a delectable lentil delicacy that boasts a velvety texture and a luxurious taste. The dish is prepared using black lentils, red kidney beans, butter, and cream, which come together to create a sumptuous and gratifying flavour profile. 


Shukto is a popular Bengali dish with a distinct flavour profile. Vegetables like bitter gourd and drumsticks are braised in a gravy made from mustard and poppy seeds for a mildly seasoned dish. It's common for this dish to come out first in a Bengali supper. 

Nadir Monji 

Nadir Monji, a dish prepared using lotus stems, is a speciality in Kashmir. The stalks are cut into pieces, marinated in a spice mixture, and then deep-fried in a chickpea flour batter. In Kashmiri cuisine, it serves as a staple vegetarian appetiser or side dish.