Mysore, Masala and Rava: Difference Between These 3 Popular Dosa Varieties
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You will find dosa lovers all over the world! But do you know what goes into preparing this famous South Indian dish? It is made with a batter of rice and black lentils. Rice production is high in the southern states of the country. Hence, people include more of it in their daily diet. Apart from this, different rice dishes are also made here, of which dosa is the most popular. Did you know that dosa is one of the top 50 most delicious food items in the world? There are many varieties of dosa, which are quite popular in different regions. But these three dosa types are preferred the most: masala dosa, rava dosa and Mysore dosa. Let’s find out how they are not the same.

What’s The Difference?

  1. Mysore masala dosa's batter is prepared precisely like that of masala dosa, but onion, red chilli, tomato paste and fresh coconut are used while making it. People who love spicy food often order Mysore dosa.
  2. Rava masala dosa is also made similarly, but the batter is prepared by mixing rava, i.e. semolina. Sometimes, there are variations made to this dosa, including a mixture of onion-green chillies.
  3. Masala dosa is prepared from a batter made of urad dal, rice, stuffed with masala made of potatoes and onions.


Masala dosa is the easiest to make, compared with the rava and Mysore varieties, and this one is eaten the most by people who avoid oily and spicy stuff. The remarkable thing about masala dosa is that urad dal with rice is used in its batter, and the stuffing is prepared from potatoes and onions. Not only this, most people eat masala dosa for breakfast because it is healthy and can be made instantly.


Mysore dosa is quite different from other South Indian dosas, as it is made slightly crunchier and thinner. On the other hand, thick garlic-red chilli sauce is added before stuffing potato masala. Apart from this, a piece of butter is also included between the bhaji and the dosa and when dosa is ready, it is served with coconut chutney.


The preparation, taste and ingredients of rava masala dosa are pretty different from other dosas. It is made from semolina (also known by other names in different regions) which does not require fermentation. If you want to take it in tiffin, it can be prepared in a jiffy. Most people demand this dosa because of its crispy, crunchy taste.