Mutta Bajjis: Time To Dig Into These Yummy Egg Fritters
Image Credit: Shutterstock, Mutta Bajjis

Eggs are a superfood and have numerous health benefits that are undeniably astounding. They are brain foods and are gluten free. They are the powerhouse of nutrition. Eggs are full of protein and have many benefits. Apart from being loaded with high protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, eggs are equally delicious and palatable.

Eggs are a part of various cuisines, such as – omelette, egg bhurji, egg curry, egg biryani, and so on. They are also used while baking cakes and are a part of several deserts. But this seems boring now. Are you also bored of Regular Egg Dishes? Try this Egg Bajji or Egg Bonda recipe from South India. Popularly known as Mutta Bajji in Southern Regions, they are delicious and make one drool over. Mutta means egg in Malayalam and Bajji means a deep-fried fritter. So, as the name reflects, Mutta Bajji is a deep-fried South Indian egg appetiser. 

They are one of the popular South Indian tea-time snacks. They are just like what samosas are to the North Indians! The eggs are first boiled and dropped gently in a gram-flour spiced batter, finally they are deep fried until turned golden. A favourite Kerala tea time snack. They can also be relished in breakfast. They are mouth-watering , easy,  simple, and effortless to make. Kids will love this fried treat and will easily relish the eggs without throwing any tantrums. So, whether it is Sunday or Monday, eat Eggs Bajjis (bondas)  every day. 

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Bonda was originally first created in South India. A recipe for the bondas is mentioned in Manasollasa, a 1200-year-old Sanskrit encyclopedia, compiled by Someshvara III, who once ruled Karnataka. 

Here’s the recipe for Mutta Bajji Egg.


    6 eggs

    1 cup gram flour

    2 tsp red chilli powder

    1 tsp asafoetida powder

    Water, as required

    Salt, as per taste

    Coconut oil


1.    In a pot, add water and add the eggs one by one carefully. 

2.    Cover and boil the eggs. Remove from the flame.

3.    Let the eggs cool. Then peel off the egg shells and cut each egg into half, vertically.

4.    For the batter, take a large bowl, add the gram flour, salt, red chilli powder and asafoetida powder, followed by adding enough water to form a right batter. Consistency should be like dosa batter. 

5.    Now, take the halved eggs and dip them gently into the batter. 

6.    Coat the eggs well in the masalas. 

7.    In a large skillet, heat the coconut oil over medium flame. 

8.    Gently lower each coated egg slice into the oil. Keep turning over the bajjis until the batter is cooked all over. 

9.    Fry each slice for 2-3 minutes or until golden brown.

10.    Drain on a tissue paper, into a plate.

11.    Serve hot with tea or coffee.

12.    The golden egg bajjis can also be savoured with rich and spicy chammanthis (chutney).