Mukesh Ambani Weight Loss Journey To His Favourite Mumbai Eatery
Image Credit: Google images/Pixabay

When it comes to taking on a weight loss journey, many of us tend to give up because a lack of motivation. And if it is truly motivation you need on a Monday morning for your weight loss journey, then Mukesh Ambani’s weight loss secrets will truly inspire you. The 66-year-old Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Ltd has reportedly lost 15 kilos without hitting the gym, and only through a simple and healthy weight loss diet. Here’s more on Mukesh Ambani’s weight loss secrets. 

Mukesh Ambani is not only the richest man in Asia, but also holds the 13th place in Forbes’ global list of the richest people. The Ambanis reside at Mumbai’s luxurious 27-storey Antilla, which hires some of the best chefs. The family is famously vegetarian and hail from the state of Gujarat, so naturally, Mukesh Ambani’s weight loss diet is also purely vegetarian and reportedly consists of simply cooked Indian food. Reports also suggest that Mukesh Ambani avoids alcohol consumption completely.  

News reports suggest that Mukesh Ambani wakes up around 5.30AM every day and does some yoga and meditation to start off the day on a healthy note. His first meal of the day includes simply cooked idli-sambhar, a glass of papaya juice and fresh fruits. In fact, idli-sambhar has been one of Mukesh Ambani’s favourite meals for the longest time. As a student at the Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mukesh Ambani regularly visited Café Mysore, an Udupi-style eatery in Mumbai’s Matunga area, where he relished pocket-friendly dishes of idli-sambhar. 

With a perfect, healthy and Indian start to his day, Mukesh Ambani reportedly ensures that he has several small meals throughout the day instead of two or three heavy meals. This, as many studies have shown, not only helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels all day long, but also aids weight loss. Mukesh Ambani’s small meals consist of traditional Gujarati dal, sabji, rice and rotis, and healthy snacks like dhokla and khandvi. 

So, while Mukesh Ambani’s weight loss routine does not include any vigorous exercise or gymming, he reportedly stays fit by doing yoga and brisk walks. His meals, in summary, are vegetarian, usually traditional Indian and Gujarati fare, and divided throughout the day to ensure he remains energized. Now that you know some of Mukesh Ambani’s best weight loss secrets, which of his healthy habits are you looking forward to picking up?