7 Indian Summer Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss
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Summer is the perfect season to start with your weight loss journey, and if you are Indian then you know that you have plenty of healthy food options to choose from. One of the best and easiest ways to start out is to whip up some smoothie recipes for weight loss. Smoothie recipes for weight loss can be prepared with vegetables and fruits that are in season—and there are plenty of those that are easily available across India. In fact, by making summer-special smoothie recipes for weight loss, you can ensure that you get the true taste of the season while sticking to your diet. 

One of the key aspects of making some smoothie recipes for weight loss is to get as many seasonal fruits and vegetables as you can. These fruits and vegetables are not only low on calories and packed with nutrients, but also pair really well with other ingredients used to make smoothie recipes for weight loss. This means you can also explore herbs, seeds and a variety or dairy and non-dairy milk and yoghurt options for your summer smoothie for weight loss. 

Now, if you are wondering how to go about making the best summer smoothie recipes for weight loss and what pairings work well, you need not worry. Here are seven Indian summer smoothie recipes for weight loss that you could try right now! 

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Mango Coconut Smoothie 

Mangoes are in season and pack quite a flavour punch in smoothies too. Add some coconut milk to that and you have two amazing Indian fruits that are a bit heavy on the calories but can be the perfect solid meal replacement for your weight loss diet. This smoothie recipe for weight loss can be also made more interesting with sunflower seeds and oats.  

Lauki Mint Smoothie

The quintessential Indian summer vegetable called bottle gourd or lauki can make a great base for your smoothie recipe for weight loss. Add a bit of mint and you have a summer smoothie to beat the heat while working on your weight loss diet. Just blitz the lauki and mint together with some lauki seeds and ginger, and add some fresh mint leaves on top along with lauki seeds for garnish. 

Papaya Turmeric Smoothie

Ripe papayas are not only in season during summers in India but also make for naturally sweet smoothie recipes for weight loss. You can make your ripe papaya and yoghurt smoothie even more vibrant in colour by adding some turmeric powder or raw turmeric to it. Add some sesame seeds and grated coconut on top if you want to add touches of white to this summer smoothie. 

Tomato Basil Smoothie

An abundance of red, ripe and beautiful tomatoes during Indian summers means that you can easily whip up some smoothie recipe for weight loss. Add a bit of basil, Indian tulsi or the Italian one, to add a peppery flavour to this awesome summer smoothie. You can also add some celery or cucumbers to make this one a solid meal replacement. 

Lychee Almond Smoothie 

Summers in India are the perfect time to indulge in a huge variety of lychees or litchis. These small, globular and sweet fruits also make for a great ingredient for smoothie recipe for weight loss. In fact, add some soaked and peeled almonds, oats and pumpkin seeds to make this smoothie more wholesome, protein-packed as well as vegan. 

Cucumber Kiwi Smoothie

Both cucumbers and kiwis are widely available in summers, and both are equally packed with fiber, water, electrolytes and loads of vitamins and minerals. The perfect combination for a smoothie recipe for weight loss, isn’t it? Apart from blitzing these two together, you can also add some mint, light coconut milk and chia seeds to pack this one with more flavour and nutrients. 

Kathal Banana Smoothie

Come summer and most of us crave the taste of ripe jackfruit or kathal. But did you know that you can easily turn this fruit into the perfect smoothie recipe for weight loss? All you need to do is deseed ripe jackfruit and blitz the fleshy bits with some almond milk, bananas and add some toasted pumpkin or chia seeds on top. Get the kathal while in season and this one too will be an easy, no-sugar smoothie recipe for weight loss.