Sattu Smoothie: A Healthy, All-In-One Breakfast
Image Credit: Sattu Smoothie

Everyone would have definitely added smoothies to their weight loss diet, as they are super healthy, nutritious and easy to make. But how many people had ever thought that sattu could be an option for smoothies? This ingredient is considered to be used in most of the savoury food recipes whether consumed as a savoury drink in the morning or used as stuffings in parathas. Only a few might have known that it could be so versatile and could be used as a morning breakfast smoothie.

A sort of flour called sattu is mostly used in Tibet and India. It is made out of a combination of cereals and ground, roasted pulses. As a primary or auxiliary ingredient in recipes, the dry powder is made in a variety of methods. Due to its potential as a source of protein, sattu is used in vegetarian cooking.

Regional cuisine uses sati to varied degrees. The usage of sattu is widespread in several meals in Delhi, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Uttrakhand. In Bihar, it is frequently served cold as a tasty summertime beverage, as a porridge, or as soft dough. Sattu is combined with fruit slices, sugar, and milk in sweet meals. Sattu can be seasoned with green chilli, lemon juice, and salt in savoury recipes. It is a preferred filing for parathas. In Bihar, sattu is made with either toasted gram flour, toasted barley, or a combination of the two. The traditional Bihari dish litti uses sattu as a filling, along with some spices and some mustard oil.

It is regarded as a healthful meal because it is high in insoluble fibre and all other necessary elements. The mid-day meal of choice for workers and farmers is sattu porridge, which is made of sattu, onion, mustard oil, salt, and green chilli. Sattu porridge not only keeps people fuller for longer, but it also gives people instant energy to labour in the sun and fights lethargy.

Sattu functions as a cooling agent that further maintains the internal organs' comfort while also supplying rapid energy because it is high in iron, manganese, and magnesium and low in sodium. Sattu is often praised for its high insoluble fibre content and benefits for the intestines. It is a powerful instrument that cleans your colon, aids in removing greasy food from gut walls, and revitalises the entire digestive process. Additionally, it regulates acidity, constipation, and flatulence.

Here’s the recipe for Sattu Smoothie.


    3 tbsps sattu

    ¾ frozen banana

    ¾ cups thick yoghurt

    2 soft dates

    1½ tbsp pure peanut butter

    A ice cubes



    Add the frozen banana to a blender.

    To it, add curd, deseeded dates, sattu, and peanut butter.

    Add ice cubes to it and blend it all properly.

    Pour the smoothie into a glass and it is ready to be served.

Adding this high protein smoothie in the diet helps people in their weight loss journey, and it is very convenient to make. This recipe requires just basic ingredients and can be enjoyed as a breakfast meal.