Oats Smoothie: Your Way To Weight Loss, One Sip At A Time
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A smoothie is a beverage which is made by blending all the ingredients pureed together. A smoothie generally has a liquid base, like fruit juice or milk, yoghurt, cream, ice cream, cottage cheese and so on. Other ingredients apart from dairy products which can be added are protein powder, oats, vegetables, crushed ice or any other supplements. Smoothies are very beneficial for health because all the healthy ingredients added in a smoothie like fruits, vegetables add too much added value. Many smoothies include large or multiple servings of fruits and vegetables, which are recommended in a healthy diet and intended to be a meal replacement.  Ingredients such as protein powders, sweeteners, honey or ice cream may be used instead of sugar to reduce calorie intake.

Health Benefits:

This oats smoothie is full of carbs, protein and fibre and keeps you full for upto 3-4 hours. The smoothie has just 164 calories and is a great dinner option which can keep one full and is light for the stomach which leads to fat loss. 

This smoothie is rich in antioxidants and helps to reduce cholesterol levels which therefore helps in burning stubborn fats accumulated around the belly. They reduce the risk of coronary artery disease and lower blood sugar levels. Oats contain melatonin and complex carbohydrates that can help more tryptophan get into the brain and help you sleep and hence making the best option for dinner. The soaked almonds added in this recipe are rich in Vitamin E and contain monounsaturated fats which are beneficial for fat soluble vitamins. This recipe is helpful for B.P and diabetes patients and is a gluten free vegan recipe. This is a lactose free recipe which helps to prevent constipation. A banana added in the recipe acts as the superfood. Chia Seeds help in weight loss and contribute to digestive health and gut health. This recipe is full of fibre which is required for the body. 

Oats Smoothie 

    20 grams Oats

    4 Overnight Soaked Almonds

    1 tsp Cinnamon Powder

    1/2 Cup Lukewarm Water

    1 Banana

    Few Ice Cubes

    1 tsp soaked Chia Seeds


    Soak oats, almonds and cinnamon powder in lukewarm water for 4-5 minutes

    Once the oats get soaked well in the water and mixes along with, take a blending jar and add one banana and few ice cubes

    Blend all the ingredients together adding normal and give it a thick smoothie texture (The smoothie should be a bit poury consistency, neither too much thick or thin)

    Now take a serving glass, add few ice cubes, pour the smoothie and over that add one teaspoon of soaked chia seeds

    The smoothie is ready to be served

    One can garnish it with favourite dry fruits like walnuts, pistas, etc (optional)

This oats smoothie recipe could be consumed for both breakfast and dinner. The bananas And nutty flavour from the almonds add taste to the recipe.