Move Over Thandai, Take A Sip Of These Refreshing Summer Drinks Instead

As soon as the chilly winter days give way to spring, we Indians dance with joy because it's finally the perfect time to celebrate one of India’s most awaited festivals - Holi. The ‘festival of colours’ is just around the corner and preparations are going on full-swing everywhere. While getting your cheeks smeared with gulaal, playing with water balloons and getting drenched in coloured water are mandatory, Holi also brings with it the opportune time to indulge in some moreish delicacies. From gujiyas and malpuas to chaats and thandai, the festival is a truly decadent affair to look forward to every year. One of the most commonly relished Holi essentials is thandai. You would barely see a typical Holi scene without thandai in it and that explains how popular the drink is. Aromatic, flavourful and refreshing, the drink is a must to drive away from the fatigue on Holi. However, there are many other options you can try in place of Thandai this Holi. Here are our best picks:

1. Badam Shake

Aromatic, nutritious and refreshing - what else do you need in a drink to rejuvenate yourself? Try badam shake as your Holi beverage this year and we are sure you won’t regret it. The flavour of vanilla extract and almond ice cream will leave you asking for more.

2. Shikanji

One of the most common summer drinks of India, shikanji is a lemon-based cooler that will leave you refreshed and hydrated. The mint leaves and cumin powder add a punch to the drink and makes it a flavourful beverage to relish.

3. Rose Falooda

If you have ever been to the streets of old Delhi and returned without savouring a tall glass of falooda, Delhiites will take it as a sin. So, why not enjoy this drink this Holi? Try the recipe below and let us know.

4. Lassi

We know that having a tall glass of lassi during summers is a ritual and what’s better than relishing it a little early to welcome summers? One of the best ways, right?

5. Pina Colada

If you want a boozy Holi, there’s nothing better than pina colada to load up on. The pineapple-based drink is all things flavourful and will surely make your Holi celebrations delightful.