Move Over 'Kacha Badam', This Angoor Seller's Jingle Is Going Viral
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @saaliminayat

There is no dearth of interesting content on social media. Be it a satisfying video of street side chaats or a catchy tune used to sell food items, there are so many different videos that catch the eye of internet users. Even something as simple as a jingle can go viral in no time with millions of views on his videos. Remember the 'Kacha Badam' song by a simple peanut seller named Bhuban Badyakar stormed the internet. As soon as the original song went viral, many remixes of the song followed and led Badyakar to instant stardom. And now, another fruit seller has been spotted by users on Instagram. This Angoor or Grape seller has come up with a jingle to sell his grapes, and it has gone viral on the platform. Take a look:

Shared on Instagram by user 'saaliminayat', the video of the grape seller has received over 2.5 million views and more than 100k likes since the time it was posted. While the exact location of the grape seller has not been disclosed, the short clip shows an elderly man sitting next to a cart full of black grapes, sipping what looks like chai, and singing his jingle to sell his grapes or Angoor. He sings about the price of the angoor and describes his produce in a sing-song voice, saying "Lelo 15 rupay ke 12 angoor. [Buy 12 grapes for 15 rupees]" Although the exact lyrics are unclear, his voice definitely has a unique appeal has captured netizens. One can see how passers-by are already attracted towards him with his singing, who could be prospective customers.  

Many users left their comments on the video of the Angoor seller, expressing how he could also go viral and his unique style. "This will also go viral now," said one user while another wrote, "Best!" Others reacted by laughing or heart emojis for the grape-selling man. 

We think this could also pique the interest of netizens just like the Kaccha Badaam jingle. Read about how Kaccha Badaam singer Bhuban Badyakar went viral in no time, here. What do you think about this catchy jingle to sell grapes? Let us know.