Mouni Roy Enjoys Maggi In Between 'Non-Stop Snowing': 5 Ways To Make Maggi Memorable Anywhere
Image Credit: Instagram @imouniroy

Actress Mouni Roy who tied knot with boyfriend Suraj Nambiar in a star-studded ceremony in Goa a few weeks back is currently enjoying her honeymoon in Kashmir. The actress keeps her fans posted with photos and videos from the snowy valley. In one of her posts on Wednesday, the actress so gave us a glimpse of her mountain binge. “Non stop snowing. Also पाहारों के उपर Maggie Maggie Maggie”, Mouni wrote in her caption and if that didn’t make you slurp a bit, we don’t know what will. In India, it is a ritual of sorts for many to go to the mountains and stop by for a bowl of hot Maggi. Maggi or any kind of instant noodle cooked with masalas and chopped veggies is the ultimate comfort potion in the mid of the intense bouts of trekking. But since not all of us can take to hills now for a similar experience, here are five ways in which you can make your bowl of plain Maggi memorable, no matter where you are. Have a look 

1. Cheese Maggi: Boiled Maggi cooked with masala overflowing with melted cheese, sprinkled over with mixed herbs. This easy way to upgrade your plain Maggi is sure to make your day.  

2. Fried Maggi Noodles: Maggi noodles fried with mustard, urad dal, tomatoes, curry leaves and onions. A spicy breakfast you can rustle up in no time.  

3. Dhaba Style Maggi: Soupy Maggi, tadka maar ke! Find the rustic Dhaba-style magic in your plate of Maggi. Pro tip: Do not be stingy with green chillies or butter if you want an authentic experience. 

4. Maggi Chicken Biryani: The best of both worlds is here. This feisty preparation of Maggi combines noodles, chicken, onions, tomatoes, coriander, and almost all the elements you associate with one big handi of biryani. Stop drooling and start cooking already  

5. Maggi In White Sauce: Give an Italian spin to your Maggi by cooking it in a buttery white sauce made of all-purpose flour, butter, milk and mixed herbs. Colourful and crunchy bell peppers help elevate the overall look and feel of the dish.  

Aren’t you drooling already? So are we.  Try these recipes at home soon and let us know which ones you liked the best.