Mouni Roy Dons A Chef's Hat, Makes Perfectly Round, Thin Dosa

Actor Mouni Roy is a foodie through and through, and her Instagram posts are always full of all the delectable foods she indulges in wherever she goes. From being on television to portraying some memorable characters in Hindi cinema, the Brahmastra actor is a talented artist and if her latest Instagram post is any indication, one of her artistic skills includes making a perfectly round and crispy dosa!

In the post which she captions with many emojis to denote 'home is where the heart is,' the actor can be seen working with dosa batter and a dosa pan on which she is flipping the delicious southern Indian food. Mouni is currently in Bangalore and her post also features her looking into the camera against a backdrop of what appear to be several beautiful villas.

The actor seems to feel right at home while here and has stepped into the kitchen to try her hands at making some local food. In one of the videos she has posted, someone can be seen ladling dosa batter onto the flat tava which is quite popularly used to cook this thin pancake. In another slide, the actor has picked up a steel spatula, and is carefully peeling the cooked side of the dosa from the pan and flipping it to warm the other side. She seems to be standing in a kitchen with a steel plate next to her to serve the dosa in once its ready to be devoured!

Dosa is hardly the only yummy southern Indian delight she is treating herself to. The post also features a vessel full of roasted makhana or lotus stem, a crunchy snack to munch on. The actor seems to have been relishing the crisp which is now a days readily available in many stores, seasoned with different flavours including pepper, paprika, mint, chilli and chaat masala. 

Makhana is an extremely nutritious superfood rich in antioxidants and micronutrients. It is a very versatile ingredient too, and can be eaten simply as a snack or made into a vegetable or kheer. Dosa and makhana have come together to be a very wholesome and comforting food combination for the actor's sojourn in Bangalore.

Made by fermenting urad dal, rice and lentils and grinding them into a fine batter that is then ladled onto a pan to make this crispy pancake, dosa is perhaps one of the most popular breakfast items from southern India that is now relished across regions. It pairs best with sambar and coconut chutney both of which celebrate the flavours of curry leaves and coconuts, two ingredients used abundantly in south Indian cooking.

As the actor appears to be spending time pottering about the kitchen making this delicious dish, tell us in the comments below whether you like your dosa with sambar and chutney and what your favourite makhana seasoning is!