Trying To Lose Weight? Try 5 Low-calorie Makhana Snacks

Also known as fox nuts, makhanas have been a part of Indian cuisine since decades. And now, they have started getting the attention they actually deserve because of their high nutritional value. If you are the one who is trying hard to shed some extra kilos, you must know that makhana could be a great addition to your diet. It has a high protein content and low-calorie content. It contains a good amount of fiber and has low saturated fat. Isn’t it great? 

Since makhana is so good for weight loss, here are 5 low-calorie makhana snacks that can not only satisfy your cravings but will also help you in weight loss. 

Chili Roasted Makhana 

Simple is the best, isn’t it? This super easy and delicious roasted makhana has the hint of chilies flakes and tastes amazing.  With added olive oil, jeera and salt, this chili roasted makhana could be a snack of your dreams. It can be ready in less than 10 minutes and will keep you full for a longer time. 

Makhana Kheer 

Yes, you read that right. Call it a snack, a dessert or a dish, this low-calorie makhana treat is never going to disappoint you. Made with skimmed milk, little ghee, jaggery and nuts, this kheer is too scrumptious to handle and would be a wholesome meal to have during the weight loss journey. 

Makhana Chivda 

Who doesn’t like chivda? And when made with the goodness of makhana, it can become absolutely delicious. To make this healthy, wholesome and quick snack, you just need to roast them makhanas with puffed rice, peanuts and some spices. Carry it to your office or have it at home, this is the perfect midday snack you were looking for.  

Makhana Chaat 

Indians have a special love for tangy chats. And when the chaat is weight-loss friendly, what else do we want? Easy to make, this makhana chaat has sweet and tangy flavours with chopped tomato, onion, spices and a hint of lemon to enhance the flavour. No matter where you are, this simple recipe will fit in smoothly. 

Masala Makhana Munchies 

If you love your food heavy of spices and flavours, this weight-loss friendly snack is perfect for you. The goodness of makhanas makes this snack ideal for weight loss and the presence of plethora of Indian spices make this ideal for taste buds. It is easy to make and super-easy to carry. 

Here we bring you another super easy makhana recipe. An easy way to roast makhanas and turn them into flavourful munchies is by cooking them in an air fryer. Makhanas can be roasted in an air fryer almost instantly and give out a perfect crunch. Take a look.