Mosdeng Serma To Gudok: Tried These Dishes Of Tripura?
Image Credit: Food is good/facebook

Indian cuisine is so vast that it will take years for one person to experience each one of them. From simple dhokla of Gujarat to spicy chicken curry of Chettinad, our cuisine has something for all kind of cravings. Each one of the regional cuisines have some unique dishes that cannot be found in other parts of the country. The use of local ingredients and distinct method of cooking makes the dishes unique and delicious. 

Talking particularly about North-eastern food, they mostly prefer poultry and freshwater fish for protein with minimal use of spices. Few local herbs such as rocambole garlic are also added to give distinct flavour to the recipe. There are a variety of cuisines in the North-eastern side of India which includes Assamese, Manipuri, Meghalayan and so on. But have you tried anything from the state of Tripura, yet? Packed with exotic blend of delectable dishes, this cuisine has lots of mouth-watering dishes. 

Here are five authentic and delicious dishes from Tripura you cannot miss: 

1. Mosdeng Serma 

We all love pairing our food with some spicy and tasty chutney and tomato is one of the top ingredients in most of the Indian chutneys. Mosdeng Serma is a kind of tomato chutney that is made along with onion, garlic and red chilli. It is very simple to make and goes well with rice as well as roti. 

2. Chuak 

Chuak is a traditional rice beer of Tripura that is made by fermenting rice in water. This unique rice beverage is drunk on various occasions and celebrations, specially during summer. If you ever get an opportunity to visit Tripura, make sure you try this drink. 

3. Gudok 

This indigenous dish of Tripura is one of the most popular foods of the state. Especially popular among the tribal communities, this delicacy is prepared on various ceremonial and community functions. Fermented fish, commonly known as berma, is the main ingredient of gudok which is made along with beans and potato.

4. Chire Doi Aam 

This is one of the popular breakfasts of Tripura which is similar to poha. Simple and versatile, this dish is sweetened with mango or any other seasonal fruit. It is a quick dish which can also go well as an instant dessert. Chire doi aam is flavoured with cardamom and nuts. 

5. Tohan Mosdeng 

There is a variety of mosdeng popular in the state of Tripura. The word ‘mosdeng’ means a chutney. But this particular dish is a salad which is made with marinated chicken and flavourful spices. It can be prepared by either boiling or fire-grilling the meat. Tohan Mosdeng is one of the few dishes of Northeast India that is very spicy. 

Try these dishes and explore the traditional cuisine of Tripura.