Nutritious, Low-Calorie Radish Recipes For Your Next Meal

Radish is a root vegetable rich in vitamin C, folic acid, potassium and flavonoids. With a strong flavour and a rather distinct taste, radishes are also a good source of fibre that helps to promote digestive functions and cardiovascular health. Radishes are also rich in antioxidants and play a major role in reducing inflammation. The potassium in raw radishes also provides the body with a dose of nutrients that can lower the risk of kidney stones.

Incorporated in salads, parathas and enjoyed as a subzi, the white radish or mooli has a sharp smell and taste which pairs wonderfully with Indian spices and masalas. The strong flavour of the vegetable coupled with the spiciness and aroma of turmeric and chillies, makes for some delicious dishes that celebrate this root vegetable. Pink radishes are generally enjoyed in winters, but the white variety along with its leaves can be had in moderate proportions throughout the year. Read on below for some radish recipes that are ideal for a healthy meal:

Mooli Dhania Paratha

This is a great alternative to get little children to eat their quota of radishes! Mix grated mooli and heaps of coriander with a good amount of turmeric, cumin powder and some green chillies and knead them into a dough using whole wheat flour. Roll into a round paratha and lather it with ghee for a delicious flavour.

Mullangi Sambar

A southern Indian delicacy, the mullangi sambar is made by making mooli the core ingredient of the classic sambar. Popular in Tamil Nadu, it is known for bringing forth the piquant flavour of the radish, that mixed with sambar masala and dal makes for a warm, refreshing lentil stew. Paired with rice, idli and dosa, the mullangi sambar is sheer comfort.

Mooli Salad

Radishes can be eaten on their own lightly seasoned with rock salt and pepper but they are also a crunchy addition to salads. Toss in some sliced radishes in a veggie salad or in a sprout salad brimming with nutrients. A simple dressing of olive oil, garlic and soy sauce is enough to season the veggie mix and pack it with flavour.

Pickled Radishes

Pickled pink and white radishes dipped in vinegar make for an increasingly sour and lip-smacking side dish that adds a bit of zing to any meal. The water-based pickle intensifies in sourness the longer it is stored, so add some sugar to a mix of vinegar, peppercorns and salt for the right balance of pickling juices. Pickled radishes can be relished with parathas, rotis and theplas.

Bhatia Kadhi

A classic Gujarathi kadhi recipe, this dish is made by mixing lentils with a generous quantity of chopped radishes. The sweet and sour curry infused with vegetables and spices is highly nutritious and brings out the particular taste of cooked white radish. Moong or tur dal can be used alternatively with mooli to make this delicious kadhi enjoyed with theplas or rotis.