Lunch Recipe: Mooli Ki Bhurji For A Wholesome Meal

A simple, quick and delicious Punjabi recipe, mooli ki bhurji features white radish or daikon as the star ingredient. A mooli bhurji can be created in a plethora of different ways, of course. However, this recipe uses few ingredients and doesn't use a lot of spices, allowing the radish flavours to come through. This 20-minute radish recipe is simple and fast to prepare. You only need to chop the radish and green chilies; nothing else. A simple vegan meal. 

Furthermore, onions and garlic are not used in this dish. This is also referred to as mooli ki sabzi. Essentially, this is a straightforward radish stir-fry that goes by several names, including mooli fry, mooli stir-fried, muli sabji, radish fry, etc. For breakfast or lunch, prepare this mooli bhurji and serve it with roti or paratha and a bowl of curd. A wholesome and cosy breakfast. The muli sabzi can also be prepared for dinner. 

Therefore, you must try this radish fry recipe even if you don't like radish. With radish, you'll forgive your grudge. This meal might occasionally additionally include Amritsari wadis. 


1.5 tablespoons mustard oil 

½ teaspoon carom seeds (ajwain) 

1 to 2 green chilies – chopped 

1 generous pinch asafoetida powder (hing) 

2 cups finely chopped radish or grated or chopped white radish with or without leaves (mooli or daikon) 

salt as required 

Method: Peel the radish after rinsing. The radish roots should be finely grated or chopped. If the radish has soft leaves, rinse and then finely chop the leaves as well. Heat the mustard oil until it is moderately hot. then turn down the heat. Carom seeds are added; watch them pop. After that, add the asafoetida and green chiles and continue to sauté for a short while. Add the radish, diced, along with whatever leaves you're using and salt to taste. Stirring and mixing thoroughly. Avoid covering the pan. Low to medium heat should be used to cook the mooli. Stir continuously in between. Both the radish and the greens will begin to exude juice. The radish should be continually stirred. Although the radish is cooking, the juices will evaporate. Turn off the fire when the radish is fully cooked, all the juices have gone, and the entire mooli sabji seems to be dry. Serve mooli ki sabji warm or hot with soft phulkas or chapati. A dish of curd or a side salad of vegetables are also suitable pairings. 

Quick Tips 

Use crisp, juicy, and fresh radish. Steer clear of the fibrous and brittle radish roots. If the leaves are delicate, you should think about including them in the recipe because they are incredibly nutritious. 

Use mustard oil when making this radish recipe for amazing flavour. However, if you don't have mustard oil, use any other oil with a neutral flavour. The flavour and taste, however, will change. 

To make the muli sabzi less spicily hot, use fewer chillies. 

You can double or triple the recipe.