Monsoon-Special Chukku Kaapi, A Healing Drink From Kerala
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Monsoon is that time in India when everyone famously loves indulging in fried snacks. Monsoon is also the time when most Indians feel the need to get some much-needed warmth and immunity boosters. After all, monsoon is also when coughs and colds hit hard. But while people in most parts of India might opt for Kadha or Haldi Doodh, the one soothing, healing and invigorating drink people from Kerala swear by is Chukku Kaapi

Yes, you read that right, Chukku Kaapi is considered to be a monsoon- and winter-special healing drink based on Ayurvedic principles in Kerala. If the name doesn’t clearly suggest it to you, then you should know that Chukku Kaapi is a brew made of coffee, dry ginger, whole spices and herbs. It is a popular home remedy and is widely consumed for its medicinal properties and soothing effects in Kerala. Here’s every reason why you too should have it to stay fit and healthy this monsoon. 

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The Origins Of Chukku Kaapi 

You might ask why and how a coffee drink became such a popular home remedy for monsoon ailments, but the answer there is quite simple. Kerala is one of the largest producers of coffee in India. While commercial coffee is grown in large plantations in Wayanad and other regions of Kerala, it is quite common for most families with a garden or backyard to have a coffee plant or two.  

In Malayali, Chukku means dry ginger and Kaapi means coffee—so the very name Chukku Kaapi highlights the two key ingredients used to make this healing beverage. Apart from these two ingredients, whole spices like black peppercorns, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds are also added to Chukku Kaapi. The herbs added usually include holy basil or tulsi, but borage leaves are also often added. Resolutely spicy and bitter, a bit of jaggery is added to sweeten Chukku Kaapi.  

Historically, Chukku Kaapi has been used in traditional Ayurvedic and Siddha medicine systems for its various health benefits. Ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory and digestive properties. It is believed to aid digestion, alleviate cough and cold symptoms, improve blood circulation, and provide relief from ailments such as headaches and body pains. So, having a cup of Chukku Kaapi during monsoon, whether you have a cough or cold or not, is a great idea for your immunity and overall wellbeing as well. 

Benefits Of Drinking Chukku Kaapi 

Drinking Chukku Kaapi during the monsoon season in India is believed to offer several benefits. Here are some of the advantages associated with consuming Chukku Kaapi during this time. 

Boosts immunity: Chukku Kaapi is often consumed to strengthen the immune system, which can be beneficial during the monsoon season when the risk of infections and illnesses increases. The combination of spices used in Chukku Kaapi, such as ginger, black pepper, and cardamom, are known for their immune-boosting and antimicrobial properties. 

Aids digestion: Monsoon season can sometimes lead to digestive issues due to increased humidity and consumption of contaminated water or food. Chukku Kaapi, with its ginger content, is known to have digestive properties that can help alleviate indigestion, bloating, and stomach discomfort. Ginger aids in digestion by stimulating the production of digestive enzymes and promoting healthy gut function. 

Relieves respiratory symptoms: The monsoon season is often associated with an increase in respiratory infections, allergies, and congestion. Chukku Kaapi, with its warming and expectorant properties, may help relieve respiratory symptoms such as cough, cold, and congestion. The spices in Chukku Kaapi, especially ginger and black pepper, are known to have mucolytic and decongestant effects. 

Provides warmth and comfort: Monsoon season can bring cooler temperatures and damp weather. Chukku Kaapi, being a warm and soothing beverage, provides comfort and helps to keep the body warm. It is often enjoyed as a comforting drink during rainy days. 

How To Make Chukku Kaapi At Home 

Given all these benefits of drinking Chukku Kaapi, why not make a cuppa for yourself and the family today? Here is the simplest recipe for Chukku Kaapi for you to try out.  


¼ tbsp coffee powder 

½ tbsp dried ginger powder 

2 guava leaves 

6 Indian basil leaves 

4 Indian borage leaves 

1 tbsp peppercorns 

½ tbsp cumin seeds

2 tbsp jaggery 

1 litre water 


1. Put the water on boil in a large saucepan. 

2. Wash and clean the basil and borage leaves thoroughly. 

3. Once the water comes to a boil, add all the ingredients except the coffee powder. 

4. Once the jaggery melts completely, add the coffee powder and switch off the flame. 

5. Let the Chukku Kaapi steep for 4-5 minutes, then strain it into cups and enjoy.