The lockdown shut us all down and literally locked us within the four walls of our houses. At this time, a lot of us donned the chef hats and tried to spruce up some of our favourite eats in the home kitchen. One day it was golgappas, after a few days it was kathi rolls. Amidst this burst of creative energies flowing into the kitchen, there was one thing that the heart of every Delhiite must have yearned for, momos. For the unversed, momos are a steamed snack shaped like a dumpling (or a modak), usually filled with vegetables or meat. They are generally a savoury snack, though some have innovated variants like chocolate momos too. 

In terms of their preparation also, momos can range from the basic steamed and fried to the more innovative tandoori and kurkure momos. They can be dry or saucy, depending on your taste. The accompaniment with momos also makes a huge difference. The spicy red chutney that is served with a plate of momos is a staple in most places to which mayonnaise is added at times on the side. With so much love and passion for momos, it would be unfair not to try your hands on these small bites at home too. 

If you’re planning to make momos at home, here are some hacks that can help you become a momo master. 

1.  The Momo Dough 

Made with all-purpose flour and water, the dough is kneaded into attain a smooth texture. If you want a healthy version, you can opt for whole wheat dough too. Make sure to keep the flour and water proportionate so that it doesn’t turn to hard or too soft. 

2.  The Momo Filling 

It’s your momo so it has to be your choice. You can stuff them with whatever fillings you like, cabbage, onions, carrots, minced chicken, mutton and so on. The only thing to be careful of is that the ingredients should be finely chopped so that they can be easily stuffed inside the momo. 

3.  The Momo Roll 

Once the dough is ready, take a small part of it and roll out a thin and small round roti. The roti should be thin because the outer layer won’t cook properly if it’s too thick. 

4.  The Momo Filler 

Now that you’ve made the thin roti, you need to add the filling. While you may be tempted to add lots of stuffing to the momo, it’s better if you save it for the next. Overfilling would lead to over spilling and we are sure you don’t want that. Seal the deal by wrapping it in whatever shape you like. 

5.  The Momo Steam 

Finally, when you reach the final part, make sure to oil the steamer properly so that the momos don’t stick to the bottom. You can place a lettuce leaf at the bottom for the same. To ensure that it isn’t sticking, stir the momos in short intervals.