Mohan Maas: An Underrated Gem From The Rajwadi Cuisine
Image Credit: Instagram/diverseenchantments

Rajasthan has given us so many gems that we have been enjoying for ages. Right from vegetarian snacks to non-vegetarian curries to rich desserts, Rajwadi cuisine is royal for a reason. But if you have a special love for mutton, you have come to the right place. Two most popular mutton curries of Rajasthan are Laal Maas and Junglee Mass. But there is one more which is quite underrated and its high time that you should know about it. We are talking about 'Mohan Maas'.

Mohan Maas is a scrumptious Rajasthani dish. This mutton curry can show you how an actual Rajwadi cuisine tastes like. Unlike other common mutton curries, Mohan Maas is cooked in a gravy of milk or curd, dry fruits and herbs. It is cooked slow to perfection and is as rich as it can be. But how did this mutton curry come to existence? Well, there is an interesting fact behind it.

If some food experts are to be believed, Laal Maas is one popular mutton curry in Rajasthan which was not only cooked but also served by men. Thus, ‘Mohan Maas’ was created for the women. Unlike other mutton curries, Mohan Maas has subtle flavours. It has whiter gravy owing to the usage of curd or milk and has goodness of dry fruits. It is much creamier unlike the famous Laal Maas and Junglee Maas from Rajasthan. Earlier, Mohan Maas was prepared using lamb/goat or hunted meat but now, it is made using mutton as well as chicken. 

This underrated mutton curry is seasoned with cardamom and cinnamon which lends a beautiful aroma and tempting flavour. One can switch mutton with chicken also in this recipe but no matter what meat you use, this soothing curry is going to blow your mind. Before you start searching for the recipe, we have sorted it out for you. Try making this royal curry at home and feel like a King!