Mira Kapoor’s Summer Featured Ice Cream And Gourmet Breakfast
Image Credit: Instagram: @mira.kapoor

Mira Kapoor, the social media icon, is literal goals when it comes to maintaining the perfect balance between eating healthy and not shying away from relishing delicious treats while vacationing. After her big celebration of inaugurating her skincare brand, Akind, she has now posted a series of pictures from her latest summer vacation.

All the pictures posted on Mira Kapoor’s Instagram handle perfectly capture the essence of summer. Be it the “Nicecream” featuring a waffle cone and vanilla ice cream or the beautiful sunflowers, Mira Kapoor is a famous social media celebrity for a reason.

But what got the most attention from the foodies was the gourmet breakfast that was a part of the Instagram carousel shared by Mira Kapoor. Her breakfast included all things gourmet, which looked as good as they must have tasted. From protein-rich classics like scrambled eggs and sausages to fibrous fruits like dragon fruit, melon, and strawberries, her breakfast platter is the perfect example of balancing a meal.

But a true foodie never forgets to add something sweet to the plate. Proving her love for food, Mira Kapoor’s plate was also filled with a parfait, the layered yoghurt-based dessert, two pancakes topped with berries, a chocolate pudding, and a rich oatmeal garnished with nuts.

Being a foodie, Mira Kapoor never shies away from sharing glimpses of what she eats every once in a while. Quite recently, she also shared a post with pictures and videos of Thai food prepared by her mother and daughter. However, this time, the Instagram post captioned as, “Summer on my mind… where to next?” the celebrity influencer leaves her fans waiting for more sneak peeks from her next travel destination.