Mira Kapoor’s NYC Food Crawl Will Give You A Sugar Rush

With more than 3 million followers on Instagram, Mira Kapoor is inarguably one of the most beloved internet sensations right now. The 28-year-old, who married actor Shahid Kapoor in 2015, has been very vocal about her love for food. Mira, like Shahid, is a vegetarian who loves to eat clean and local, but when she is on a holiday, she doesn’t shy away from indulging either. Remember how she munched on kachoris and Rajasthani thalis in her short visit to Jaipur?  

On Thursday, Mira posted a photo dump from her New York trip, where she met her old school friend. Her city crawl across NYC, featured many foodie pit stops. Looks like her friends, just like Mira, are also major food buffs. In the photo dump, it is evident that Mira and the gang hit many big and small bakeries for their fresh baked goods.  

One of the drool-worthy images in her photo dump was that of cake, baked with berries topped with icing sugar. She had the same with the side of coffee. Then, there was another picture of a couple of Danish pastries, some covered with cream cheese as toasted sesame seeds, while some were topped with fresh blueberries, mulberries and figs. Danish, for the uninitiated, is a baked good, is a multilayered laminated pastry made of leavened dough of milk, flour, yeast et al. The chewy and flaky pastry’s texture is akin to that of croissants, but it is usually square in shape. It is said that they were brought to Denmark by Austrian bakers, hence they are known as Danish.  

Mira seems to have quite a sweet tooth, after Diwali she had a tough time quitting her obsession for Kaju Katli (understandable). And remember when she posted a throwback image of her ‘Chulha Chadhana’ ritual. This is a popular Hindu ritual, where new brides cook something for the first time in their new homes. Mira cooked a delicious halwa for her family.