Mira Kapoor’s Italian Grub Is All About Fresh Fruits and Cheese
Image Credit: Image: Instagram

It’s not a secret that Mira Kapoor loves food. And with over three million followers on Instagram, she keeps her fans updated with a host of snippets from her personal life. One aspect of Mira’s life that always stands is that she loves. From her everyday meals to her Asian indulgences, Mira makes sure to share it all with her fans and followers. 

Currently holidaying in Sciacca, Italy, with her husband, actor Shahid Kapoor and their kids, Misha and Zain, Mira shared a string of photos from her vacation diaries, and also gave us a sneak peek into her gastronomic adventures. Besides, some stunning pictures of Mira all decked up enjoying her time on the beach, the post is flooded with food pictures. The first thing that grabbed our attention was a wholesome plate of fruits, which included a slice of watermelon, a variety of grapes (both green and purple ones), cherry, and what looked like a plum. 

Swipe next and you’ll find a full meal consisting of a variety of cheese, an assortment of greens on the side, and a sliced bright yellow fruit as well. We could also spot what looked like sundried tomatoes, and dollops of some flavourful dips kept on the side. The next picture had an area full of fruits, including grapes, apricot, plums, and bananas among others. Take a look: 

“Buon Giorno,” Mira captioned the post, which is an Italian term for ‘good morning’. Well, Mira’s morning sure looks amazing with some of the best cheese and freshest of fruits on the platter. But that’s not all, her travel diaries are full of foodie goals. Her date night with Shahid, for instance, was all about amazing food and ambiance at Chesa Veglia, a restaurant in St Moritz. A place with a rustic atmosphere and wooden interiors and complete with Italian warmth and hospitality “take you back to a time where you may have wanted to belong”, wrote Mira. She went on to add, “My favourite was the Pizza with Brie that I just couldn’t stop eating (crawled onto Shahid’s plate too). And I’m so glad the hotel wasn’t far because girl, these boots are not meant for walking.” Take a look at some of the pictures she shared from her date night: 

We are loving every bit of Shahid and Mira’s Italian vacay, and can’t wait to see more from their food diaries.