Mira Kapoor Reacts To Indian Meal In Switzerland

With social media today, we know and relate with so many of our favourite celebrities. Be it Kareena Kapoor Khan’s love for biryani, Vicky Kaushal’s love for coffee or how Malaika is such a big foodie, we now know how all of these celebrities are deep down just like us, especially when it comes to food. Mira Kapoor, for instance, is super relatable thanks to her love for food, and her Instagram posts and stories are proof. Actor Shahid Kapoor’s wife and a social media sensation, Mira simply loves to indulge in foods from different cuisines and cultural backgrounds.

From what we know, Mira loves to gorge on Asian cuisines, as she has confessed her love for Chinese time and again in many of her past Instagram stories. But when it comes to comfort, it is our very own Indian cuisine that wins her heart. Even if she’s on a vacation in a faraway land.  After all, nothing can replace Indian food in a desi’s heart, isn’t it? And that’s what Mira proved with her latest Instagram story. 

Currently holidaying in Switzerland with husband Shahid and their kids Misha and Zain, Mira has been sharing snippets from the trip on Instagram with her fans and followers of over 3 million. 

In her latest Instagram story, Mira revealed her love for Indian cuisine as she shared a photo of a delicious table spread full of Indian delicacies. From a mouth-watering preparation of paneer served with herbs on top, to a spicy preparation of gobhi (cauliflower) cooked with tomatoes and garnished with herbs, the meal was an indulgent affair. We also spotted a bowl of curd garnished with green chutney and red chilli powder sprinkled on top. Take a look: 

It seems that Mira and the family finally got some Indian food after days of travelling in the European country as the caption of Mira’s story read, “After 5 long days. Yes.” A true-blue food lover, Mira recently shared another picture from the trip, featuring a decadent glass of chocolate milkshake. Take a look:  

Mira wrote, “Chocolate milkshake just because....” And we can relate with Mira, after all, we don't need a reason to have a milkshake. Isn’t it? Mira often nonchalantly confesses her food choices on social media. Sharing some beautiful pictures of herself with the stunning mountains of Poschiavo in the backdrop, Mira wrote “Took the beautiful Bernina Express to Poschiavo 🇨🇭 A dip, some rock castles and a pizza later..” Seems like Mira is making the most of the trip with her food diaries!

Her foodie side was also revealed recently when in a YouTube video she complained about no ‘Delhiwale’ momos in Mumbai. And well, we weren’t surprised. If you have explored both the cities, you'll know this popular street food of Delhi is rarely found on the streets of Mumbai, and as a Delhiite, that’s quite a turn off. In a video, Mira said, “There are no momos in Mumbai. It is still not settled with me.” We relate with you, Mira. We really do. 

But currently, we can’t wait to see more from Mira’s food diaries in Switzerland. What about you?