Mira Kapoor’s Humble Chai-Biscuit Treat Is Giving Us Nostalgia
Image Credit: Mira Kapoor/Instagram, Mira enjoys a good cup of tea

From Bollywood songs to poetic verses, it is interesting how the humble chai-biscuit combination has been kept alive in our hearts and minds. Someone who loves this classic treat just like us is Mira Kapoor. After tying the knot with actor, Shahid Kapoor, Mira has become a popular celebrity on social media, sharing tid bits of her day with us. What one enjoys the most is her love for food. 

Recently, Mira took to her Instagram stories to share a glimpse of her “love” with us. In the picture, we could spot a jar full of biscuits kept on the table with a tea cup and saucer on the edge. What made us nostalgic are the biscuits as one could identify them with a really old biscuit brand called Parle-G. The crooked lines on the biscuits were the identification marker for these. 

The sweet and crunchy biscuits are being sold in the Indian market since ages. Paired with a cup of tea usually, the combination of this biscuit with chai is very popular in many parts of India. While her story took us back to the time of dipping biscuit in tea, this is not the first occasion that Mira has expressed her love for evening tea. 

Chai Biscuit

The mother of two has confessed her love for tea a lot of times. For instance, during her girls trip to Dubai, she had afternoon at the world’s tallest building. Then, on another occasion, we saw Mira wearing a T-shirt that read milk and sugar, posing with a cup of tea in her hand. She captioned it saying, “That’s how I like my chai #refillrepeat”. 

Pouring her love for chai all over the gram, she has never left a chance to profess how much she enjoys drinking chai, not just in the evening but while starting her day in the morning too. In one of her Instagram stories earlier this year, she also revealed that chai is her go-to drink. Now that she’s having it with our all-time favourite biscuit, it has become all the more wholesome and relatable to watch.