Mira Kapoor Is Mighty Impressed By This Pizza Hack

If you follow Mira Kapoor on Instagram, you are perhaps aware of the European vacation that the Kapoor family took recently. Shahid Kapoor and Mira also complained about the lack of vegetarian options in the hotels and restaurants they visited. Soon after coming back, Mira was thrilled to get a dose of Ghar Ka Khana. Mira, who is a vegetarian, shared her love for Lauki Ki Sabzi, and how tasty it seemed after a long vacation offshores. The 27-year-old is a self-confessed food buff, and often takes to Instagram to share delish things she eats or cooks. During her vacation, she had loads of pizzas, but somehow it was a certain pizza-cutting hack that seemed to impress her a lot.

Cutting pizzas or rather cutting uniform slices of pizzas can be quite the task. No one likes to have a smaller share, and neither do they want the toppings all over the place. An easier way to go about the same is using pizza scissors. These are like scissors, that you need to run from one end to the other, and you would have perfect slices, without your toppings spilling over, and you can also ensure that each slice is the same size. If you do not have pizza scissors, you can also use a regular pair of scissors to cut your pizzas, just make sure they are of bigger and thicker build, you cannot be using pocket scissors for the task. Since you use your scissors for a variety of purposes, it is advisable that you clean your scissors well, before cutting the pizza.  

In her Instagram reel, Mira compiled the pictures of all the pizzas she has had recently. “The love is real. Who else loves Pizza?”, she wrote in her caption. She also had a ‘confession to make’, which may make most of us relate hard. Mira is not big on authentic pizzas, she likes them dirty, saucy, cheesy, and loaded. Pizzas that are slightly on the blander side, do not impress her much. “Confession - I’m not big on authentic pizzas. I like dirty, thick crust pizzas, fully junkie, loaded and with flavour! That pizza in the last shot was some healthy upside-down version and I was not happy: except for the pizza scissors”, she wrote further in her caption. There, there, we know you are drooling and craving some delish pizza. Here’s a recipe you have to try pronto.  

There, there, we know you are drooling and craving some delish pizza. Here’s a recipe you have to try pronto.