Mint Mania: 7 Ways To Add Pudina To Your Diet
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Summers are the perfect time to introduce different types of herbs and other fresh ingredients in one's kitchen and make food more refreshing as well as easier to digest. Mint or pudina is one such ingredient that is famous for its flavour and the enticing freshness that it adds to different types of dishes and beverages. The best part about the usage of mint is that it also helps in alleviating the problem of indigestion in the body which is frequently experienced during summers. 

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People suffering from a perpetual problem of bad breath can also introduce mint in day-to-day life to solve the issue. Most people are only acquainted with two or three mint-based recipes. This includes either a regular lemonade or a mojito and mostly a coriander and mint chutney. But people must know that the usage of mint goes beyond just these regular recipes. Here is how one can use mint in different ways this summer season.

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* Mint Salsa

Salsa is a Mexican concept of using different types of sauces, specifically the sauce of tomato and some other condiments to make flavourful dips for tacos and tortilla chips. A mint salsa can be made by combining a tangy salsa dip made of chilli peppers and tomatoes with some fresh mint leaves. One may also add jalapenos, onions, and a little bit of lime juice to further the flavour of the dip.

* Mint Marinade

Marinades are frequently used to season chicken, cottage cheese, and tofu along with vegetables like bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms. Conventionally a marinade is made from lime juice, oregano, chilli flakes, traditional Indian spices like turmeric, red chilli powder, and salt, along with a little bit of yoghurt. In summer, one can give a quick and refreshing twist to their marinade by adding some chopped mint leaves along with a little bit of olive oil. These two ingredients will make a dish instantly taste lighter and easier on the stomach.

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* Mint Pesto

Traditionally, a pesto paste is made by using ingredients like European pine, nuts, basil, leaves, hard cheese, Parmesan cheese, and some other ingredients. All of these are blended along with a little bit of olive oil. The mint pesto is made by adding some fresh mint leaves to the regular pesto to make it more earthy and refreshing in taste. This pesto recipe can be easily combined with pizzas, pasta, and different types of baked bread.

* Mint And Chocolate Ice Cream

Minton chocolate ice cream is a delightful and creamy ice cream for people who like a little bit of refreshing taste with hints of chocolate in their ice creams. It is a heavenly mixture of chocolate ice cream, mint leaves, heavy cream, sugar, mint extract, and vanilla essence. All the ingredients are carefully churned in an ice cream maker. The mixture then has to be frozen in the refrigerator until it is firm and ready to be served.

* Mint Smoothie 

Mint smoothie might not be for everyone, but it is certainly one of the healthiest smoothie recipes out there. This green goodness is made by taking some fresh spinach leaves, bananas, mint leaves, and a little bit of coconut water. For some sweetness, one can add a little bit of honey as well as chia seeds for the dose of antioxidants. The taste of this smoothie is succulent and it is perfect for early mornings.

* Mint Rice

Rice is one of the most versatile ingredients and can be combined with a lot of condiments to make special dishes. One such summer-friendly rice dish is mint rice. It is fresh, herby and loaded with crunchy vegetables. One has to simply soak some rice in water overnight and the next day boil them. The rice should be taken off the heat just when it is about to get cooked but is not properly cooked. Then the rice can be layered in another cauldron with some fresh vegetables like green beans, carrots, and spring onions along with a little bit of saffron, lots of mint leaves and some cashews. This has to be slow-cooked for 15 to 20 minutes before being served with some fresh yoghurt.

* Yoghurt And Mint Dip

Mint and yoghurt dip is quite refreshing and can be made easily by combining some creamy yoghurt with a lot of chopped mint leaves. There is no need to add any extra spices other than some salt and black pepper. One may also add a little bit of salt and pair it with some sandwiches, grilled chicken or any other fried snacks.