Among many Moroccan teas, Maghrebi mint tea is one that tops the list. Did you know that It’s a part of Morocco’s tradition and hospitality to always serve their guests a refreshing cup of their unique mint tea? Moroccan mint tea makes a refreshing and flavour-packed drink for its tea lovers. A single sip of it can leave you with a calm soothing effect. It’s true that any type of mint tea has several health and medical benefits. The same goes with Moroccan mint tea. Some of the benefits are that it helps in replenishing all the lost energy, soothes an upset stomach acting as a stomach healer, treats menstrual cramps and acts as a digestive aid. How do you keep yourself warm on cold days? Mint tea! Because there’s nothing better than cozying up with a hot mint tea with so many health benefits. The process of making this tea is quite simple and wonderful, made with just three ingredients and in less than 10 minutes.

Here's ho you can make a warm cup of Moroccon mint tea: 


  1. Boil half litre of water and add two tablespoons of green tea and sugar in it. Leave it to rest for a while. 
  2. After the water has boiled, pour it into a steel kettle. 
  3. In the kettle add a bunch of freshly washed mint leaves. Let it heat for 5 minutes. 
  4. Once the tea is mixed up properly you will notice the mint leaves would have appeared on the surface of the tea. 
  5. Mix the tea again. Atlast it is ready to be served.  

You can start your day with a warm cup of mint tea in the morning. It is delicious, healthy and can instantly freshen you up.