Mexican Dishes Strikingly Similar To Indian Dishes
Image Credit: How come so much similarity?

Though separated by thousands of miles, Mexico and India have striking similarities with each other. Both have brown chatty people with a love for family and food, especially the spicy ones. Most interestingly, the food in Mexican cuisine is tastefully and visibly similar to Indian cuisine and this is what has made a strong bond between the two traditionally rich communities.

Mexican cuisine is undoubtedly rich and delicious and has amazingly mouth-watering recipes that we look forward to in fancy restaurants. Now, what if I tell you that some of the most famous dishes in Mexican cuisine are actually the Indian dishes that you might be having every other day? Do not believe me? Have a look at these similar dishes in Mexican and Indian cuisine and gain some knowledge.

Corn Tortilla and Makke Di Roti

We all know what makke di roti irrespective of the state we live in. Foodies like me drool over makke di roti with sag in winters. Corn tortilla is also famous in Mexican cuisine but haven’t you guessed that it is nothing but makke di roti? This is because there is neither much difference in the ingredients nor in the preparation process.

Mole and Chicken Curry

Indian cuisine is incomplete with chicken curry. Though we have different chicken curries varied across the states, it is something that a non-vegetarian cannot say no to. The mole in Mexican cuisine is quite similar to the chicken curry. Not only do they look strikingly similar but are prepared also using a similar procedure. Holding the same popularity in both cuisines, mole and chicken curry may have one difference. While the chicken curry is garnished with coriander, mole is often seasoned with sesame seeds.

Mexican Rice Dishes and Indian Pulao

We all know how important rice is. Indian cuisine has ample rice dishes be it tomato rice, curd rice, vegetable pulao, or even Biryani (how can we forget Biryani). Mexican cuisine also relies heavily on rice dishes made with tomatoes and corn, which makes it much similar to Indian vegetable pulao. Rice dishes in both cuisines look similar and even taste similar. How great is this?

Salsa and Chutneys

Chutneys are an essential part of an Indian traditional thali. It is a condiment that cannot be missed while having a proper meal or snacks like samosa or chaat. Similarly, salsa also holds great importance in Mexican cuisine. Interestingly, both chutney and salsa have similar ingredients and are mostly prepared with mortars and pestles. Both are made into desired consistency and served with a plethora of dishes. 

Wheat Tortilla and Chapati

Chapati is a part of our regular meal and one humble counterpart of our humble chapati or roti is the wheat tortilla of Mexican cuisine. Just like chapati, wheat tortilla is also used on a daily basis. Wheat tortillas are mostly used in making burritos, packed with vegetables or chicken and cheese stuffed in the middle.

Jamoncillos / Dulce de leche and Pedas and Barfis

Just like Indian cuisine, milk sweets are a must in Mexican cuisine as well. Astoundingly, they are not only similar in taste, shape, and colours. And we thought pedas and barfis were only available in Indian cuisine.

Gorditas and Parathas

Two layers of flour up and down stuffed with vegetables, sounds like paratha, right? But we are talking about gorditas. Much similar to parathas, these also have stuffing of vegetables or even chicken sometimes and are served with spicy chutney. Looks like a normal Punjabi breakfast routine. Isn’t it?

There might be other dishes as well in both cuisines that have a high resemblance. Let us know if you knew about these striking similar dishes in Mexican and Indian cuisine.