Methi Recipes: 5 Wintry Breakfast Ideas To Soothe Your Soul
Image Credit: Methi thepla for breakfast

With the chill in the air and the nippy weather, all one can think of is a warm and comforting meal to start the day. One such winter-special delight that forays into our kitchens during this time is saag. Green, leafy vegetables aka saag, rich in several vitamins and nutrients are a common sight. But there’s not just one type. 

You have palak ka saag, methi ka saag and sarson ka saag ready to don your dining table during different meals of the day. While the former is often paired with soft cubes of paneer, the latter is accompanied by makki di roti. However, methi ka saag is a versatile veggie that can be added to a variety of dishes. Perfect to make a healthy breakfast, methi, also known as fenugreek, is mixed with the paratha dough or added to the thepla and served with accompaniments like achaar and dahi (pickle and curd).

If you want to add this nutrient-rich saag to your morning meal, here are a few recipes to try.  

1.  Methi Thepla

A Gujarati specialty, thepla is a flattened and round chapati that is made with whole wheat flour and besan. Add to this fresh methi leaves which lends a delicious flavour and a tinge of green colour to the yellow thepla. The addition of yoghurt in the dough is what makes it so soft and delicious. Moreover, it can be packed and stored for a long duration too.

2.   Methi Dosa

Giving your regular masala dosa a greenish spin, this methi dosa is a must-have during winters. All you need to do is mix rice flour with methi. Since fenugreek has a slightly bitter taste, one can amp up the dosa with some jaggery. This gives it a bitter-sweet flavour that works well for breakfast. Pair it with coconut chutney and enjoy.  

3.  Methi Paratha

The classic Indian flatbread that is commonly eaten for breakfast can also be filled with the goodness of methi. Mix the methi leaves with wheat flour dough and spruce up with spices. Add some chopped onions for the crunch and toss it on a tawa. Let it become crispy on both sides and top it with butter. Serve with a bowl of curd.

4.   Methi Dhokla

Another one from the Gujarati fare, dhoklas are spongy, soft, square-shaped cakes that are sweet and sour in flavour. Made with besan usually, the batter can be enhanced with addition of methi leaves. Not just that, the steamed dhoklas attain a greenish hue which makes them look healthy too. Pair with mint and coriander chutney or green chillies. This works well as a breakfast and snack.  

5.   Idli Methi Crumble

This is an interesting way to make use of leftover idlis. Crush them into pieces and form a soft crumble. Mix it with a host of spices like chilli powder, salt, turmeric as well as curry leaves, onions, mustard and grated coconut. Add your fenugreek leaves and mix it all together. A delicious idli crumble breakfast bowl is ready to be devoured.