Meet The ‘Vanilla Of The East’ - Pandan Leaves

‘Annapurna’ or pandan leaves are often used while cooking rice in Indian households. This leaf is known to change the flavour and aroma of the rice, making it more delightful. The fragrant rice paired with a dollop of ghee is still a favourite in my house.

These long leaves lend a sweet and subtle aroma to any dish it’s added to - be it sweet or savoury. Quite popular in many South-East Asian cuisines, pandan leaves are popularly referred to as the ‘Vanilla of the East’. In India, pandan leaves are mostly used to cook rice or wrap meat for flavour and fragrance. Here’s a look at how pandan leaves are used in other cuisines:

1. One of the most common ways to use pandan leaves is to tie them into a knot and drop it into the pot while cooking rice to get a fresh and sweet fragrance.

2. Pandan tea is one of the most refreshing beverages one can savour. This simple-yet-aromatic tea has numerous health benefits as well. You just have to add some pandan leaves to a pan of boiling water and wait for some time. Strain the water through a strainer or cheesecloth and enjoy.

3. Pandan cake is one of the fluffiest and most delicious cakes one can ever have. The green-coloured, fragrant and flavourful chiffon cake is made with pandan juice and is quite a delight to relish.

4. Meat is often wrapped in pandan leaves and cooked for a fresh and sweet aroma and flavour. 

5. Pandan leaves are also used to make desserts ranging from custards, pancakes and cookies. The fragrant leaves are perfect for a sweet aroma and unique flavour in the delicacies.

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