Meaty Tips: 5 Golden Rules To Handle Meat In The Right Way
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A bowl of meat curry instantly wins the heart of any non-vegetarian. A juicy and succulent piece of mutton, chicken, or any form of meat cooked in spicy curry makes a perfect meal when paired with rice or roti. Non-vegetarians also try out kababs, pakodas, soups, and various other dishes across the globe. 

As much as the meat recipes taste delicious, it is important to pay attention to preparing the meat properly. It is important to handle the raw meat properly to get the best taste, texture, and benefits out of it. However, you do not get scared, as it is not as hard as you think. We will help you understand how to handle meat properly and follow safe cooking practises. 

It is important to handle meat carefully. Meat and meat products are best enjoyed fresh. Raw meat has various kinds of bacteria, and some may be hazardous to your health. Thus, it is important to clean and store meat properly to avoid any kind of contamination. We have collected some of the basic tips for handling meat properly. Check them out: 

  • Be Mindful While Selecting Your Choice Of Meat 

You always need to be careful and ensure that the meat you buy from the store is as fresh as possible. It is always advisable to opt for fresh-cut meats. However, if they are not available, go for the ones that are packaged well and cool-stored. Always check the expiration date; the trick is to buy meat with late expiration dates. 

  • Clean The Meat Well 

After you get the raw chicken home, do not store it directly in the freezer. This is because meat contains some bacteria that may affect the food products stored alongside it. Clean the raw meat with lukewarm water, salt, and turmeric powder. Do not forget to wash your hands before and after the process. 

  • Store It Properly   

If you plan to buy meat in bulk in order to store it for future use, then keep the meat in clean, airtight containers. Segregate the meat into small portions and store them in containers separately. Then keep all the containers in the freezer. Ideally, according to experts, it is advisable to keep the meat at -18 degrees Celsius to extend the shelf life of the meat. 

  • Avoid Cross- Contamination   

This is one of the major reasons why meat gets spoiled easily and leads to foodborne illness. Never mix raw food with any other food item, especially vegetables. For example, if you use a chopper or knife to cut and shred the meat, wash the tool before cutting anything else. This may lead to the spreading of bacteria from the residue of the meat, making it poisonous. 

  • Cook At The Right Temperature   

Just as overcooking takes away the taste and goodness of meat, undercooking can be totally bad for your health. It is important to cook meat at the right temperature to kill germs and enhance the taste and texture.