McDonald’s, Theobroma In Noida Under Probe
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Food security and poisoning reports refuse to decrease in number as new cases of customers falling sick after eating at Indian restaurants keep piling up. Recently, Sector 18’s McDonald’s and Sector 104’s Theobroma bakery are being investigated after two people filed complaints of falling sick post eating food at these outlets. 

On Monday, a customer ate French fries and a burger at McDonald’s and fell ill. After receiving the complaint, the Food Safety and Drug Administration’s (FDA) team visited the Sector 18 outlet of the American multinational fast food chain. Media reports claim that officers have collected samples of cheese, palm oil, mayonnaise, and other ingredients used in kitchens to make your favourite meals.

A similar case was noted in Sector 104. After eating a cake at the Theobroma’s outlet, a customer felt sick. They said the cake was stale. The FDA team has collected the sample of the pineapple cake and sent it to laboratories for further testing. The officials have said that if the reports indicate a low standard of food at any of these outlets, they will register the case.

Over 75 Suffered From Food Poisoning In Maharashtra

On April 13, prasad was distributed at a Kali temple, post Chaitra Navratri celebrations, in Chandrapur District, Maharashtra. Around 400 people consumed the prasad, and many started complaining of feeling sick. 

Around midnight, 79 people arrived at the Warora Civil Hospital. One of them died, while others suffered from food poisoning. Six of them were reportedly in a critical state and transferred to a better healthcare facility for treatment.

Punjab Girl Died After Eating Birthday Cake

In March 2024, an incident shook people in Patiala, Punjab, when a 10-year-old girl was found dead after eating her birthday cake. They started the celebration around 7 pm, and by 10 pm, the family members started feeling sick. Manvi complained about dry throat and extreme thirst before going to bed.

When her condition worsened, the family rushed her to a nearby hospital, where she took her last breath. The family alleged that there was a poisonous substance in the cake. An FIR was lodged against the bakery’s owner.

93 Hospitalised In Noida And Greater Noida Following Food Poisoning Complaints

In March 2023, hundreds of people consumed special meals made during Mahashivratri celebrations in Noida and Greater Noida. Around 93 people, 76 in Greater Noida and 17 in Noida, were hospitalised after they fell sick. Many students complained of dizziness, uneasiness, and vomiting. One specific ingredient that was common in all these meals was kuttu ka atta. Although everyone recovered, the police filed the complaint and took samples of the food. 

Apart from these reports, food safety continues to be an issue in India. With many countries recalling spice mixtures created by MDH and Everest, food authorities finding vendors selling below-standard quality milk-based products in Delhi-NCR, and a ban on food colouring in several parts of North and South India are raising health concerns every day. Not just ordering food but also purchasing raw products is making people anxious about their health. Restaurants and stalls operating kitchens in unhygienic conditions remain another big concern for the food safety department, and they have been issuing notices to the owners.