Goan Town Bans Gobi Manchurian Served As Street Food; Know More

Indo-Chinese food has found its space in Indian restaurants and food stalls since the citizens of the country were reportedly introduced to the cuisine in the 19th century. From makeshift eateries to high-end food joints, Chinese cuisine has a separate mention and foodies love to gorge on the spicy and tangy spreads. Noodles to manchurian, you name it, and people instantly start drooling. And yet, when it comes to hygiene, Indo-Chinese street food in India, especially when served by unregulated vendors, can pose a threat.

Video Credit: Indian Food Lab/ YouTube

This is precisely why a town in Goa has banned an Indo-Chinese delicacy, the Gobi Manchurian. The Mapusa Municipal Council is currently making headlines for banning gobi manchurian, a plant-based alternative to chicken manchurian, because it is concerned that vendors might be adding artificial colours to it and preparing it in unhygienic conditions. 

Mapusa counsellor Tarak Arolkar has said that the department banned selling this dish in late January. While the dish has become quite popular across India, the authorities are questioning the fact that many vendors might be making it by adding detergent and questionable sauces to it. 

Mapusa Municipal Council (MMC) chairperson Priya Mishra has been quoted saying by a media house, "The councillors opined that such vendors operate in unhygienic conditions and use synthetic colours for making gobi manchurian and that is what has prompted us to ban the sale of this dish," 

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In November 2023, the Uttar Pradesh government reportedly banned the storage, sale, production, and distribution of Halal-certified products, including foods, cosmetics, and medicines. The authorities questioned the quality of the food. An official statement read, "Thus, Halal certification of food products is a parallel system which creates confusion regarding the quality of food items and is completely against the basic intention of the said Act and is not tenable under Section 89 of the said Act."

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In December 2023, Mohan Yadav, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, announced that the sale of meat and eggs in the open would be banned in the state. Indian media quoted him saying, “It has also been decided to act against the sale of meat and eggs in the open in accordance with the existing food safety rules related guidelines. The action will happen after proper public awareness measures.”

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In July 2014, India became the first country to impose a ban on foie gras, a delicacy made by using the liver of a duck or goose. The restrictions came after animal rights activists staged a protest against alleged cruel techniques used for manufacturing it. This dish is a delicacy in France and is served in several high-end restaurants across Europe.