MasterChef Australia: Adi Nevgi's Fruit Loops Cake Wins Hearts

Adi Nevgi, the Indian-origin contestant on MasterChef’s Australia’s latest season, took the judges by storm with her rendition of a Fruit Loops cake. The 31-year old, Melbourne-based doctor made dessert for the first time in the MasterChef kitchen and scored extra brownie points (no pun intended) with judges Andy Allen, Melissa Leong and the now-deceased chef Jock Zonfrillo. Nevgi, who made a delicious tres leches rendition of her cake using cereal milk, was part of season 15’s nostalgia week, where the contestants underwent a Mystery Box challenge.

The 75-minute challenge required the home cooks to prepare a dish using one of the many cereals in the Mystery Box – Cornflakes, Cocoa Pops, Fruit Loops, Weet Bix and Rice Bubbles. On tasting Nevgi’s cake at the end of the challenge, the judges were mighty impressed with her effort and creativity. “It looks fantastic. It’s tiny. It’s on a pink plate. It’s nostalgic, childlike and fun,” said Melissa while Andy congratulated Nevgi for hitting the right notes with the flavour.

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Jock Zonfrillo also gave the cake a thumbs-up and said, “I think it was genius. The genius part for me was the idea behind the tres leches and soaking the sponge in cereal-infused milk. That’s what makes this. But most importantly, the flavour is fantastic. The nostalgic element is there.” Nevgi explained that, “I really like the theme of nostalgia. This challenge feels like it is meant to be that sort of childlike wonderment and fun. And the most fun cereal is Fruit Loops.”

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Although she was at the receiving end of praises for her delicious creation, the judges declared Antonio Cruz Vaamonde’s Coco Pops Eclairs and Ralph Kahango Corn Flake Pork Chop as the top two dishes of the day. Tell us who you are rooting for in season 15 of MasterChef Australia, in the comments below!