Master Roaster Ashish D'abreo Shares Two Vegan Coffee Recipes

Coffee is the second most popular beverage in India after tea. Its consumption is rapidly rising in the country and has also become a morning routine in many households. Traditionally made with milk, sugar and coffee powder, this beverage also has other variations. The most popular types of coffee drinks are espresso, mocha, americano, cappuccino and black coffee. As in most of the recipes, milk is an essential ingredient, coffee becomes unsuitable for vegans. 

There are many people who follow a vegan diet, and they are forced to switch to black coffee. But is it necessary to punish your taste buds because of your diet preference? Not really. Vegans face many difficulties in eating but for coffee you don’t have to. There are many quick and simple vegan coffee recipes which taste incredibly delicious. 

If you are also craving for some vegan coffee, here are two exciting recipes by shared by Ashish D’abreo, Q Grader, Coffee Roaster and Co-founder of Maverick & Farmer Coffee: 

Oat Milk And Peach Iced Coffee

Portion: 1 serving  

Duration: 10 mins 


  • 120 gm unsweetened oat milk 
  • 25 gm peach syrup 
  • 40 gm cold brew 
  • Sugar syrup to taste 
  • 100 gm ice cubes


  • Mix the oat milk and the peach syrup along with sugar syrup.  
  • Shake well and pour into a glass filled with ice cubes. 
  • Add the cold brew on top to allow it to float. Serve immediately.  

Cashew Nut Cold Coffee

Portion: 1 serving  

Duration: 15 min 


  • 140 gm cashew nut and cinnamon milk  
  • 30 gm maple syrup or agave syrup  
  • 40 gm strong coffee (espresso or filter coffee decoction) 
  • 100 gm ice cubes


For cashew nut and cinnamon milk 

  • To make the cashew nut milk, take 1 cup of raw cashews and blend it in a blender along with 4 cups of water.  
  • Add a pinch or two of cinnamon and couple of drops of good quality vanilla extract. 
  • Blend until creamy and smooth, and strain using a cheesecloth if necessary.   

For the coffee 

  • In a glass, mix together the ice cubes, cashew nut milk, strong coffee and sweetener of your choice.  
  • Serve immediately.