Magic Of Mishri: 6 Benefits Of Consuming Rock Sugar Daily

Sugar is a staple ingredient of our kitchen. From morning tea to desserts and sweets it is an essential part of our daily diet. Apart from sweet treats, sugar is also used for savoury goods like breads and tomato ketchup. However, too much consumption of refined sugar can lead to many problems like weight gain, heart disease and diabetes

To solve this problem many people replace it with honey, jaggery or any other natural sweetener. But have you ever tried mishri? Also known as rock salt, it is an unrefined form of sugar. Made after evaporating sugarcane juice, this is a healthy substitute for the table sugar. It is also known as bhura sugar or khand in some parts of the country. 

Mishri is mostly enjoyed as a candy, snack or consumed with milk. You can also use it as a sweetener instead of table sugar in your desserts. Here are six reasons to consume rock sugar daily: 

Treats Common Cold And Cough 

Cold, cough and sore throat are some common problems of this season which can be treated with mishri. According to a report by Netmeds, rock sugar has healing properties which can ease these conditions rapidly. Combine mishri with black pepper powder and make a paste. Consuming this blend at bedtime will provide relief from seasonal diseases naturally.  

Promotes Digestion 

Rock sugar quickly metabolises in the body which boosts the digestion process. Therefore, consuming mishri after an elaborate meal can keep your stomach healthy. It is also ideal for people with sweet tooth who also have to keep a watch on their blood sugar levels.  

Energy Booster 

This is one of the best reasons to consume rock sugar daily. Mishri gives an instant boost of energy and refreshes the dull mood. This is because it is a simple carbohydrate which the body can break down into sugar quickly. Besides physical exhaustion, mishri also eases mental fatigue. For the best results, drink a glass of water with mishri at nighttime. 

Mouth Freshener 

Mishri is a popular mouth freshener that is commonly consumed after meals. You can also find it in restaurants and eateries. People who face the problem of bad breath can eat half a teaspoon of rock sugar at any time of the day. For the best results combine it along with fennel seeds and freshen up your breath.  

Improves Vision 

According to Netmeds, rock sugar contains certain nutrients which improve vision and prevents cataract. Replace your regular sugar with mishri and boost your eyesight. You can also consume it with warm milk daily to get relief from several eye-related problems. 

Increases Haemoglobin Levels 

Ayurveda also recommends consuming mishri daily for several health benefits. Rock salt is rich in several nutrients including minerals, vitamins and amino acids which help in boosting haemoglobin. It is a perfect addition to the diet of people suffering from anaemia. Mishri enhances blood circulation and prevents dizziness, fatigue and weakness.