Masaba Gupta's Pregnancy Cravings Include Saag, Fruits & Pakodi
Image Credit: Instagram: @masabagupta

The fashion icon Masaba Gupta is known for her brilliant sense of style. Apart from being a successful entrepreneur and running her brand, she has recently welcomed another chapter of motherhood in her life. The fashion designer, as well as her mother, Neena Gupta, have posted on their social media handles celebrating Masaba Gupta’s pregnancy.

Being an avid foodie, Masaba Gupta was recently asked about her pregnancy cravings. As the celebrity has always been vocal about her love for food and ways to maintain a healthy balance with food, she posted a video on Instagram revealing all about her pregnancy cravings to her fans.

In the Instagram story, Masaba Gupta shared that so far, her pregnancy cravings have been all about nutritious food. Starting from something as healthy as saag to a healthy selection of seasonal fruits. But occasionally, she also has a specific craving for the crispy snack, pakodi. Even though deep-fried pakodi can be unhealthy, you can choose to air fry with little to no oil and turn it into a healthier snack.

Apart from being a foodie and talking about which treat she tasted whenever she travels or cooks at home, she is also very conscious about her lifestyle and eating habits. On many occasions, the fashion diva has spoken about her struggles with weight and body image. Thus, she prefers to talk and impart wisdom to her fans instead of shying away.

When asked about her pregnancy cravings, Masaba Gupta also shares some tips for coping with them. The first thing she mentioned is to be mindful about sticking to eating clean food. Next, she shares that, in her opinion, you should eat as much homemade food as you can. Finally, to maintain a healthy balance, you should stick to an exercise plan and take care of your body.