Masaba Gupta’s 35th Birthday Made Special With Cake & More
Image Credit: Instagram/Masaba Gupta

The fact that actor and designer Masaba Gupta regularly eats healthy while also indulging her foodie heart is well known. But while balance might be the key to her routine on most days, a birthday is always a time to splurge and indulge, right? Masaba Gupta proved this to be true on November 2, when she celebrated her 35th birthday. From husband Satyadeep Misra to friends like Kareena Kapoor Khan and Bhumi Pednekar, everyone wished her the best on the day—and it seems her loved ones arranged a feast for Masaba Gupta too. 

In a post packed with a series of photos from the day, Masaba Gupta revealed just how exciting and loaded with a variety of goodies her birthday was. At first glance, you might feel like Masaba Gupta’s birthday was all about balloons rather than delicious food. And yet, if you take a closer look, you will find not only a number of cakes and goodies she indulged in but also beverages featured in those pictures.  

Video Credit: YouTube/Nino's Home

For example, in a sunset-themed photo she posted, Masaba Gupta revealed that her birthday was not about one cake but many. On a table bedecked with multiple boxes, one can easily spot two incredible cakes that anybody celebrating their birthday in Mumbai should try. The first one is a Japanese-style souffle cheesecake from the famous Daniel Patissier, a confectionary that specialises in the most scrumptious cheesecakes. While Masaba Gupta was gifted the souffle cheesecake, the Basque cheesecake from Daniel’s is also worth trying. 

The second cake was one sent in from Chef Pooja Dhingra’s famous Le15 Patisserie, and true to the MasterChef India judge’s signature style, this one was chocolatey and loaded with fresh fruits, chocolate tuilles and more. Clearly visible on the side is a bucket with a champagne bottle and a glass in which Masaba Gupta enjoyed the bubbly. In another photo, Masaba Gupta showed how both of these cakes had been polished off and well enjoyed by her and her loved ones.  

But that’s not all. The same post also shows Masaba Gupta enjoying a large bowl of French fries that look crispy and crunchy. In another photo, we can clearly see another scrumptious chocolate cake gifted to the 35-year-old designer. Masaba Gupta can also be seen enjoying a cup of coffee. Clearly, her birthday was loaded with sweet and savoury treats, not to mention refreshing and celebratory beverages.  

In the caption to her post, Masaba Gupta explained how she had had a 14-hour work day on her birthday and came home to plenty of flowers and balloons, not to mention all the goodies we have just described above. She also explained that not only did her husband Satyendra Misra indulge her in every way possible, but so did her closest friends and family. Her parents called and there was an ever-present “side of fries, cake & champagne”, she wrote.